Owatonna, Minnesota is located in the southern region of the state. Residents can step back in time at their museums, shop in historic downtown, visit restaurants, and check out their architecture. 


About Owatonna 


Settlers first came to Owatonna around 1853 around the Straight River. The area was named after the straight river, which in the Dakota language is Wakpá Owóthaŋna. A popular, but doubtful, story is the town is named after “Princess Owatonna,” the daughter of a local Native American Chief who was supposedly healed by the magic waters of a nearby spring. 


The city was incorporated as a town in 1858, but when Josef Karel Kaplan arrived in 1853 the town was already growing. With just four stores and a pharmacy, Owatonna quickly grew to 1,500 residents in just five years. 


Kaplan's Woods is part of the land originally owned by Josef Kaplan, and later Victor and Anna Kaplan. The State of Minnesota created Kaplan's Wood State Park, which was later transferred to the City of Owatonna. A church came laters as well as the trails and manufacturing that the town is known for today. 


Local musician Adam Young, who is better known as Owl City, is from Owatonna and had visited the town to perform hometown shows to today’s residents. As of 2019, there are over 25,000 people that call Owatonna home. No matter if you’re a local musician working to make it big or one of the many workers in the town, Nothing But Hemp has CBD oil easily available online and in-store. 


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