Lakeville offers a small-town feel that is continuously developing. Located less than an hour south of the Twin Cities, Lakeville is the largest city in Dakota County. The city offers newly built homes, local theatres, and an expanding list of restaurants. 

About Lakeville

The Sioux people inhabited the area before a Saint Paul lumber baron and mail carrier settled down in the area. Captain William B. Dodd designed and constructed a road that connected the military forts in Saint Paul and Faribault. 


J.J. Bracket transported mail, supplies, and travelers along the road. Bracket chose Lakeville as a site for a new town because it was halfway between Saint Paul and St. Peter. 

Lakeville Township was established in 1855. Much like other suburbs in Minnesota, the area was mainly used for farming because early settlers were farmers and a high percentage of Scandinavians.


When the Hastings and Dakota Railroad line tried to buy land in Lakeville, Minnesota to build a depot, the owner did not sell. They bought 20 acres half a mile east and named the area Fairfield. Existing businesses began moving towards the platform. Nine years later business owners and residents got the name changed to Lakeville. 


Today, Lakeville is home to over 63,000 residents. In the 21st century, the city continues to bring in new businesses and develop new homes. Nothing But Hemp offers free shipping to Lakeville residents or pop in-store to chat with a hemp expert. 
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