5 Wintertime drinks that could do with a drop or two of CBD

5 Wintertime drinks that could do with a drop or two of CBD

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The first year of legal CBD in the U.S. is winding down and the close of the fall season promises snowy sport, holidays and refreshing and heartwarming winter drinks.

The sale of CBD in food and drink items outside of licensed cannabis vendors is still not clear in regulations from the Food and Drug Administration.

Still, research shows that what we eat in conjunction with the CBD isolates or full-spectrum oils we take deeply affects what results users see. Taking CBD oil with food increases the likelihood that many will see the benefits of CBD.

Those benefits include relaxation, relief from chronic pain, anxiety, inflammation and even forms of epilepsy, according to preliminary studies and customer testimonials.

People especially like that CBD offers benefits they recognize from marijuana but without the mind-altering high.

Here are five great winter classic drinks that are just waiting for CBD users to take them to the next level:


While fall is coming to a definite end in 2019, your area grocer may still have access to some good apples.

Apple cider, with the addition of a cinnamon stick or two and some drops of CBD make the perfect home recipe for relaxation and comfort.

Heat it up over a kitchen stove and reacquaint yourself with the amazing American standard, it’s hard to go wrong in the last throes of the year’s harvest.

Pumpkin spice… anything!

We’re all aware of prevalent and expensive coffee recipes featuring pumpkin-flavored ingredients, but did you know some CBD has also been designed in pumpkin spice flavors?

That’s right, just about anything can be spritzed up with a pumpkin spice CBD addition.

You can read more about pumpkin spice CBD in Yahoo! News using the link below. [1]

Hot Cocoa

Nothing says winter comfort like a little bit of hot chocolate. It warms the body and facilitates the joy of the season, as we all know, but it can also receive CBD for a little added benefit.

Some people love to use CBD for their insomnia problems, and a little bit of hot cocoa before bed couldn’t hurt anyone, right?

Plus, if you find yourself sore from skiing or another winter sport, CBD’s inflammation-fighting aspects might interest you in particular.

Peppermint Schnapps

To continue on the winter drink trend, a Bavarian classic deserves mention.

The sweet and smooth option has long proven a favorite with drink and winter lovers alike.

Many peppermint schnapps recipes exist, and the substance itself is a fine dessert, but add a couple of drops of CBD and find out about the added benefits many seek in the cannabis compound.

Many people even swear by CBD for hangover headache relief!


The dairy-heavy holiday favorite is perfect for CBD infusion. According to some research, high-fat foods and drinks result in the best effects when paired with CBD.

The eggs and milk in eggnog definitely fit the bill for that benefit, and it finds much the same hangover upside as schnapps when you consider how frequently it is paired with rum.

Try out your own CBD concoction today!


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