$867 Billion Hemp Bill Dramatically Increases CBD enquiries

$867 Billion Hemp Bill Dramatically Increases CBD enquiries

On 20 December 2018, the 2018 $867 billion hemp farm bill authorized by President Donald Trump was put into force. This has classified hemp as an agricultural commodity, and had a dramatic effect on the number of people with medical conditions such as arthritis, chronic pain, muscle pain, spinal cord injuries, cancer, stress, anxiety, acne, neuro-degenarative disorders, insomnia, PTSD, and epilepsy, who have been contacting the new chain of Nothing But Hemp CBD (AKA cannabidiol) stores, outlets and website. (CBD is a compound of cannabis. It has proven medicinal benefits, and does not make the user feel stoned or high).

A Surge in Consumer Interest

The company's founder and CEO, Steven Brown stated that: “We have been undated with countless requests about our natural health hemp products that are all backed by scientific research. People with a broad range of diseases and conditions have heard the wonderful news about the bill being passed, and want to find out how our CBD hemp products may help.” Enquiries have come in from people of all ages, many of whom are looking for an alternative to their prescription medication which possibly has unwelcome side effects.

The 2018 Hemp Farming Act was a law which aimed to remove hemp (cannabis that had less than 0.3% THC) from the list of Schedule I controlled substance, thereby rendering it an ordinary agricultural commodity. The provisions of the 2018 Hemp Farming Act were incorporated into the 2018 US farm bill which has now become law. For many years, hemp, which is from the marijuana family, and contains minimal amounts of THC (the psychoactive chemical), has been been regulated by the DEA. But since this new law its jurisdiction and oversight will be run by the USDA.

Hemp Derived Medicinal Products

Nothing But Hemp only sells award winning lab tested products from Siskiyou Sungrown and Select CBD. Until now, CBD could only be found in medical and recreational Cannabis dispensaries in California, Oregon and Colorado, making it very difficult for consumers. All of Nothing But Hemp's CBD products are directly sourced from farms which have a license to grow hemp. This cuts out the middle man, and saves consumers a great deal of money. The price range runs from $9 to $89, according to the number of milligrams.

Nothing But Hemp New Minneapolis Store Now Open

The company's store in the uptown Minneapolis neighborhood has just opened it doors to the delight of residents. It is a mini paradise for CBD lovers and new timers who are looking to upgrade their life and health. There is a terrific choice of over 100 top quality CBD and hemp products ranging from Vape Pens with CBD & essential oils, CBD oil, CBD dabs, CBD Coffee, CBD soap, and CBD Body Oil, to suit everyone's price range. And very importantly, as with all Nothing But Hemp retail outlets, the staff have been trained to advise customers, and give them the benefit of their expertise.