Actress Bella Thorne promotes hemp fashion brand

Actress Bella Thorne promotes hemp fashion brand

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Sustainability and star power will soon meet with the latest celebrity endorsement of hemp products.

Bella Thorne, 22-year-old actress and model whose new film “Infamous” premiered earlier in the month, recently announced a partnership where she will promote DRIHP hemp-based clothing.

“We really need to be educating people who are closed off to it, people who put hemp and cannabis in the same boat, which they’re not,” Thorne told Yahoo! Life. “How do we get those people to change?”

The company focuses on simple, clean designs made from hemp rather than cotton.

According to the DRIHP’s marketing materials, hemp can require as little as 1/20th as much water to grow compared to cotton.

“Hemp has been reborn. It was a clear decision to dedicate resources to influencers to spread the message that hemp can save valuable resources like water,” DRIHP Hemp Clothing Company Founder Luke Dandrea told Bang! Showbiz.

According to Yahoo! Life, DRIHP’s products are mainly simple tees and undergarments made of knitted hemp blends for softness and go at around the $40 mark.

“Hemp’s derivative products can serve as alternatives not only to textiles, but to plastic products, building materials and even ingredients for the food industry.”

Thorne is hardly the only celebrity to break into the hemp industry, but many of the others have emphasized more on the non-intoxicating CBD compound which is related to THC, the active ingredient in marijuana.

CBD has grown wildly popular in the time since industrial hemp was legalized at the end of 2018. Willie Nelson, Rob Gronkowski, Martha Stewart, Snoop Dogg and others have jumped on board the CBD hype train.

People love to use CBD for their chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, and other uses. Only one prescription CBD drug has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration but its use in the nutritional supplements and wellness sectors is nearly ubiquitous.

While CBD promotion is popular for athletes and other celebrities, but hemp’s other uses tend to get less attention.

Even more uses have been developed for industrial hemp beyond the CBD oil and clothing. The fibers have long been used in textiles, rope-making and ship-building.

Some hemp innovators even use the substance for construction material, including in methods such as hemp-crete, a cutting edge renewable construction resource.