Amid CBD boom, retirees are some of the most excited customers in America

Amid CBD boom, retirees are some of the most excited customers in America

From recovering after years of Vicodin use to easing concerns over insomnia and arthritis, seniors are taking advantage of the recent explosion of CBD products across the U.S.

In a recent extended profile, Yahoo! Finance catalogued a number of retirees who have turned to CBD and other hemp products for the sake of issues that have long plagued their day-to-day living. [1] This is easier ever since hemp was legalized in 2018 and the market for CBD is expected to reach $16 billion by 2025.

You can read all about the benefits to seniors can hope to see from trying out CBD by checking out previous coverage at the Nothing But Hemp blog using the link below. [2]

Meanwhile, check out the Yahoo! Finance piece for a collection of stories from retirees who have found what they were looking for in CBD use.

“I don’t ever go to the doctor anymore,” Stephanie Camillo, 64, told Yahoo! Finance. “Now I don’t take anything, just my CBD.” 

Previously, she had been using pain pills including ibuprofen and Vicodin for her pain since she worked on her feet all day at a grocery store deli counter. Since she retired, she only uses CBD oil. [1]

Huge numbers of people across the country and wider world use CBD for their chronic pain, soreness, appetite loss and other problems that can compound as the body ages. Currently, almost 50 million Americans are over the age of 65. [2]

New research that suggests as many as 7% of Americans use CBD products, and 40% of those are over the age of 40, which lands those of us headed toward or enjoying retirement in the prime spot to give CBD a shot. [1]

Lois Raynow, a 78-year-old, is another CBD user Yahoo! Finance interviewed for their story. She uses it for anxiety and arthritis, among other concerns.

She not only uses CBD for a number of uses, but has evangelized her entire family to try it out, and even gives it to her nine-year-old labradoodle, Daisy. [1]

“Daisy has thyroid issues and Cushing disease, and also has allergies and her energy level wasn’t really high,” Raynow told Yahoo! Finance. “But I noticed since she’s been taking it her energy level is much better, and I think it might be helping the allergies too.” [1]

The story goes on to give tons of useful tips on how best to use CBD and seek out the best products for your particular needs.

Among these is the cumulative nature of how CBD use works, building up over time in the body until it is most effective. That’s why it is so important to keep up regular doses at set times of day to make the most of your CBD use.