Study shows promising possibilities for CBD and cancer treatment

Study shows promising possibilities for CBD and cancer treatment

Users of CBD, the non psychoactive relative of marijuana derived from cannabis, often seek it out for pain, appetite problems and other common symptoms of cancer treatments.

However, a study many may have missed from 2018 sheds light on just how effective this choice might be. Recent research on mice published in the journal Nature shows that the animals lived nearly three times as long while undergoing chemotherapy as their control group counterparts. [1] [2]

According to reporting by Forbes, the study is evidence that there is a definite opening for researchers, medical professionals and scientists to detail in future human trials just how effective CBD might be in easing the negative effects of chemotherapy.

The study in particular gave mice pancreatic cancer in order to find out how the mice could be helped by CBD and other compounds, though it is reasonable to think the benefits may apply to other types of cancer as well. [2]

Forbes reported that UK human trials of cancer treatment and CBD are likely to move faster than U.S., because at the time this promising result was published the hemp plant was still prohibited in America. [2]

Research grants were already running at the time in the U.S., however, and the federal government has since legalized hemp with its 2018 Farm Bill, so we can only wait and see as more and more research is published on the medical benefits of hemp and CBD.

Still, preliminary results don’t just apply to pancreatic cancers. Previously, we have reported here at the Nothing But Hemp blog that breast cancer and colon cancer have both been the subjects of similar non-human, yet promising, research findings. [3] [4]

No one is claiming CBD will cure cancer or stop someone from dying of severe cellular diseases, but many people around the globe have definitely sought CBD for their pain, insomnia, joint aches and other considerations that go along with facing down these deadly diseases.

CBD works by interacting with your body’s endocannabinoid system, and studies suggest it has a unique interplay with the body’s nervous system, including helping certain drug treatments to break through the so-called “brain-body barrier” described by some scientists.

Read more about CBD’s relationship to the brain by using the link below. [5]

While CBD research is still preliminary as mentioned above, but the promises of this organic and non-psychoactive plant are such that most people just aren’t ignoring it.

The more people learn about CBD, the more they tend to get excited. So keep an eye on the Nothing But Hemp blog for more updates!