As National CBD Day approaches, source your own and prepare to celebrate!

As National CBD Day approaches, source your own and prepare to celebrate!

Have you heard about one of the newest national holiday?

You probably won’t get the day off, but luckily National CBD Day falls on a Saturday this year. That’s right, this year National CBD Day is this week, Aug. 8.

So how does one celebrate the brand-new national day of commemoration?

One way is to visit your local CBD retailer to show your support to hometown brands and products, but any way to spruce things up with CBD is fitting.

Every day, thousand of Americans use CBD products for their chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, inflammation and other issues.

Scientific inquiry is still needed to develop a well-rounded and medically-sound understanding of hemp and CBD products, but customers report again and again in testimonials that the substance has changed their lives.

Fun, novelty events like National CBD Day might provide a much needed boost to CBD and hemp sales in light of the need for this research but also the economic boon that many in the industry have felt since the pandemic started.

According to the Fresh Toast, a prominent cannabis blog, economic forecasters at the Brightfield Group have found growth in the CBD industry is about half of what they expected before the rapid spread of COVID-19.

Now, CBD is still on track to become an impressive part of the American economy in coming years, but everyone could use a little help.

Another thing everyone could use these days is a way to relax.

People love to use CBD, hemp and other cannabis products for relaxation. Luckily, CBD doesn’t carry the intoxicating aspects of marijuana or its legal consequences depending on state laws.

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