At Nothing But Hemp’s Grand Avenue location, Minnesota’s largest hemp supplier reaches new ground

At Nothing But Hemp’s Grand Avenue location, Minnesota’s largest hemp supplier reaches new ground

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Grand Avenue in St. Paul is now home to the newest branch of the state’s largest dedicated CBD supplier, Nothing But Hemp.

The soft-opening of the Grand Avenue Nothing But Hemp location happened April 22, and the residents of Minnesota’s capital city have already begun to turn out en masse for their favorite CBD products, or to try some out for the first time.

What to expect on Grand Avenue

The new location in St. Paul, like other outlets of Nothing But Hemp, offers a cozy yet fashion-forward interior and comfortable atmosphere, where new and return customers alike can learn about and purchase the CBD products they rely on.

CBD seems to be everywhere, but the new and quickly growing industry of non-psychoactive hemp extracts leaves much to be desired.

Excited new customers can find CBD in tobacco shops, convenience stores and pharmacies, but dedicated CBD retailers are far less common.

Plus, while the lack of established regulatory frameworks over CBD adds dynamism to the fresh-faced hemp market, it also means customers can feel overwhelmed by the task of insuring products are high quality and consistent.

Luckily, industry groups and brands turn to third-party labs that test for the traits that make CBD effective. These factors include levels of CBD compounds within oil extracts, other active ingredient contents like terpenes, and how consistent these are between batches of new products.

This is why Nothing But Hemp’s staff, professionals with years of collective experience in the marijuana and hemp industry, are key to making new and learning customers comfortable with CBD products and brands.

Not only does Nothing But Hemp vet products for quality and lab-tested consistency, staff are ready to answer questions, offer samplings and monthly instruction sessions.

Where else to find Nothing But Hemp

Grand Avenue in St. Paul isn’t the only Nothing But Hemp location. You can also find us in Minneapolis’ Uptown neighborhood, the Maplewood Mall on White Bear Avenue and Forest Lake.

Learn more about joining the Nothing But Hemp

The types of expertise Nothing But Hemp’s team has to offer are ripe for other entrepreneurs to launch successful enterprises from.

For this reason, Nothing But Hemp’s CEO Steven Brown has adopted a new licensing strategy to help interested entrepreneurs join the brand and gain from its know-how in this fast-moving and often-confusing field of business.

Regional licensees pay low, monthly rates to join with Nothing But Hemp and in return have access to management training, product updates and insider information, all within a model that is somewhat similar to the licensure of CrossFit gyms.

Learn more about Nothing But Hemp licensing with the link below. [1]

The Minnesota Hemp Association offers a foothold for businesses

Expanding Nothing But Hemp isn’t the only way Steven Brown wants to help the hemp industry gain a foothold in Minnesota.

He has also is the founder of the new Minnesota Hemp Association, an industry group aimed at defending the rights of CBD retailers and other business owners, all while educating the public about the life-altering benefits of hemp.

As a representative of the group, Brown recently met with Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey at the grand opening of Stigma CBD, which you can read about below. [2]