Mother’s Day musts for the CBD savvy shopper

Mother’s Day musts for the CBD savvy shopper

May 12 marks Mother’s Day, and with the day coming up so soon, it’s once again the time when many scramble to find a present that will please mom.

Thankfully, a growing population of baby boomer and other mothers have been increasingly interested in the CBD trend. They’ve been among the many customers who seek out the non-psychoactive hemp product for pain, insomnia, anxiety and other maladies.

Luckily, CBD is available in a fast-spreading collection of retail outlets and websites. Plus, plenty of resources exist to learn more about the benefits of CBD and which CBD products are the perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

Forbes recently published a super helpful article with some of the possible solutions for the holiday. [1]

Among myriad other options, the list catalogues beauty products prominently, including apothecary lotions and skin treatments infused with CBD from brands like Populum, Fleur Marché, New Highs and others. [1]

Bath bombs, hemp textile kimonos and a scattering of other CBD products also make the list, offering a huge amount of flexibility in how to help mom relax when her holiday comes around.

Plus, if your mom is a dog owner, she should know about the new research that shows CBD can alleviate dogs’ seizures in some cases! [3]

If you’re putting feelers out to see whether your matriarch would be interested in CBD, but she’s not too familiar with the stuff, there are still options for you.

Motherly recently published an article titled “What moms need to know about CBD,” which offers a primer on the basics of the exciting new substance that’s related to marijuana without getting users high. [2]

There’s some solid info in that article, but if you’d like more, feel free to check out the Nothing But Hemp blog, where you’ll find more CBD knowledge than you can process in one sitting. [4]

You may also be interested in the profile of Nothing But Hemp’s Vice President for Retail Operations Eva Droz, who cited her four children as a reason she uses CBD to regulate her daily life and give her more energy and better sleep. [5]

So if you live in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area, be sure to visit a Nothing But Hemp location in the coming weeks so you don’t disappoint on Mother’s Day. You can find us in Minneapoils’ Uptown neighborhood, in the Maplewood Mall on White Bear Avenue, in Forest Lake and at our new location on Grand Avenue in St. Paul.