Backlash Against the Farm Bill's Hemp Advances?

Backlash Against the Farm Bill's Hemp Advances?

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WASHINGTON – Although the president recently signed into law the most recent Farm Bill in December, redefining hemp as an agricultural product and greatly expanding hopes of CBD customers and businesses everywhere, there is still work to be done.

According to reporting from the Associated Press, the Food and Drug Administration is on the lookout to curtail Americans’ abilities to choose what they purchase and how they personally handle their ailments like anxiety and epilepsy. [1]

FDA officials have made statements that even though the 2018 Farm Bill explicitly made non-intoxicating hemp products like CBD legal, [2] they still consider it a “drug ingredient.”

Now is the chance for CBD advocates and users who see its benefits across a wide spectrum of their lives to support its use as legitimate, said one source in the AP story, Courtney Moran. She said this was an “opportunity for industry to educate the FDA.” [1]

In another article, journalist Mike Riggs of Reason magazine argued the FDA’s pushback against the reclassification is inhumane. [3]

One of the key anecdotes Riggs cites is that of Charlotte Figi, a 5-year-old girl who suffered from a rare strain of epilepsy before seeing her symptoms drastically dissipate after her parents managed to get her on a regular CBD oil dose despite sharp obstacles.

Charlotte’s parents waged their fight against the FDA and others to secure what they saw as her last option back in 2011. That dispute eventually led to the award-winning Charlotte’s Web line of CBD products, but more importantly raises the importance of questioning those who would tell consumers what natural products they can purchase and use.

Moreover, while the FDA claims that the problem with CBD is its untested status, the National Institutes of Health have long published preliminary studies from abroad in places like Spain and Switzerland that show the potential for CBD’s uses to reduce symptoms of anxiety, inflammation and other conditions. [4]

Plus, if we take the FDA at their word – that CBD is untested, despite a wealth of studies and innumerable customer testimonials – what better outcome could they hope for than to study it more, maybe even thanks to the new protections from the Farm Bill? This remains to be seen.

Still, interstate trade and shipment of CBD products is one of the areas that is still limited.

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