Top 5 Ways to Exercise with CBD

Top 5 Ways to Exercise with CBD

CBD is ramping in popularity across America, and its appeal has spread into multiple aspects of people’s lives.

Plenty of happy CBD fanatics use the non-psychoactive hemp extract when they want to focus, relax, and for other uses. There are as many ways to use CBD as there are people who use it.

That said, CBD is as much for those who can’t seem to stop moving as it is for those who are looking to slow things down.

Whether you are a pro athlete, beer-league amateur or just looking to start on your new year’s exercise goals, here are 5 of the best ways to move your body and enjoy yourself with CBD:

1) Yoga. People say, nothing says relaxation like a CBD gummy or tincture, and nothing gets you more relaxed than a nice, slow stretch session. A huge number of customers use CBD for focus, relaxation and for their anxiety. So get in the mood, roll out your mat and harness the best of your patience and form.

2) Basketball. High impact sports are hard on your joints, and repeated instances of high-profile professional joint and ligament injuries seem to bear this out. High-impact jumps and landings, plus the unforgiving wood or asphalt that makes up most courts makes this a heavy wear-and-tear sport on ankles and knees. Many CBD users like topical oils and lotions for inflammation and joint pain, making it the perfect pair for this sport’s needs. Studies have even hinted at CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties since as early as 2009. [1]

3) Hockey. You need to be on edge, alert and focused when a missed pass could cost a turnover or get you slammed into the glass. Athletes of all skill levels love using Sativa-based CBD for alertness. Others who end up getting their bell rung might take note of some of the anti-inflammatory properties mentioned above, along with a steak over the eye, perhaps. CBD can’t replace teeth, so be careful out there!

4) Climbing. Whether bouldering or lead-climbing, anyone could us a bit of a boost. That’s why some climbers pair their sessions with CBD doses to tackle their toughest projects. Plus, CBD lotions can help with the post-workout cool down by moisturizing those chalk-ridden hands.

5) Hiking. While winter weather keeps many off the trails this time of year, the spring season looms and many day hikes and longer trips will come with it. In the meantime, figure out your favorite CBD companions to maximize your connection to nature with a snowshoeing session or two, and remember that CBD has been used by many for soreness – like from breaking in some new hiking boots!

These are by no means the only ways to pair your workout with the new and exciting market of CBD products, but hopefully serves as a primer. And remember that Nothing But Hemp is your leading source of award-winning, lab-tested CBD products in the state of Minnesota. Visit our locations on West Lake Street in Uptown Minneapolis, Forest Lake on Lake Street or at the Maplewood Mall on White Bear Avenue.