Nothing But Hemp vice president Eva Droz talks CBD, nutrition, and products you can trust

Nothing But Hemp vice president Eva Droz talks CBD, nutrition, and products you can trust

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FOREST LAKE – Residents of Forest Lake, and the northern Twin Cities greater metro area, will soon have a home for all their CBD needs. And it’s in very good hands.

Eva Droz, who lives in Forest Lake where she raises her four children, recently joined the team at Nothing But Hemp, LLC when she became equity shareholder and Vice President of Retail Operations in October.

Now, Droz will head up the company’s efforts at the new Forest Lake, Minnesota, location 143 Lake St N, Forest Lake, MN 55025 when it opens on Jan. 19. She brings to that post 15 years of management & sales experience in nutrition and dietary supplements, gained from her time at General Nutrition Centers.

Eva said she was drawn to the CBD industry when curiosity toward the hemp products continued to increase within the supplement industry.

“We started hearing about CBD a couple years ago, people were looking for it,” Droz said. “A lot of the bigger companies are not allowed to carry it, but I started hearing testimonials about how much it was helping them. I started doing research on the industry … how much it was exploding and how many more products were out there. Interactions with my customers daily were really what drew me to it.”

She wanted to enter the hemp industry with someone she could trust, and Nothing But Hemp’s CEO, Steven Brown was the perfect partner, as they had known each other since Brown had recruited her to work at GNC 15 years ago.

“What initially drew me in to this store … what Steven was doing that was different is he only works with top cultivators and award-winning cultivators and has a strict process for the brands that he chooses to carry,” Eva said. “So many health foods stores and smoke shoppes that I’ve been in carry non-reputable brands, brands that don’t have third-party testing, that don’t have vetting process with suppliers and their employees weren’t knowledgeable about which products to use.”

She said product quality is important for her because she loves giving customers information about reasonably-priced products they can find valuable time and again. Droz said she rests easy knowing she can do that at Nothing But Hemp.

And information is one of her key focuses. The new Forest Lake store, for instance, will have the regular stable of award-winning and industry-topping products, but also a welcoming atmosphere where newcomers can consult with her personally and read more about what CBD products and what products can fit their needs. “I’ve been in the nutritional space for 15 years now and I just want to share my knowledge, experience, views and feedback with everyone else.”

Since the CBD industry has grown so quickly, and she expects it to continue to explode in the future, Droz said questions are common and varied. She welcomes them all. “A common question I’ve found is that people don’t realize CBD is from hemp, not marijuana, it isn’t going to get you high, but that it is going to help with a myriad of problems, such as anxiety.”

She also has skin in the game. Eva uses Siskiyou Sungrown MCT oil to keep her stamina up to care for her four children, maintain an exercise regimen and sleep more deeply when not being woken up in the middle of the night by her one-year-old.

“I’m a hard worker and I believe in natural alternatives to living better. I know how important it is to live a pain-free, happy life,” Droz said.

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