Can CBD oil give icy wintertime arthritis the slip?

Can CBD oil give icy wintertime arthritis the slip?

First snows and bone chilling temperatures have already begun to set in, bringing with them the aches and pains many have come to know as the familiar symptoms of arthritis.

Because CBD has been shown in some trials to be an anti-inflammatory, many have found it can also be useful in treating chronic pains, like joint pain from arthritis. Still, learning about how CBD affects the body and which products will work best for specific needs is the optimal method to take advantage of the new and exciting product.

CBD is shorthand for cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive relative of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. CBD doesn’t get people high, and entirely new populations with no interest in weed have reported how much relaxation and relief they’ve received from trying it.

Nevada Orthopedic advises taking simple remedial steps to fight off arthritis pains, like dressing for the weather in warm, dry layers, staying inside when possible and getting as much Vitamin D as possible. [3]

Hot Epsom Salt baths and continually drinking water throughout the day are other ways to ease symptoms of creaking and aching joints. For those with persistent symptoms, trying CBD may be a valid option as well.

According to the Arthritis Foundation, CBD research is a new and uncertain science in many respects, but a new set of guidelines to CBD the group published might help those who suffer from the condition. Millions of Americans face some type of arthritis each year. [2]

“There are no established clinical guidelines to inform usage. Experts recommend starting with a low dose, and if relief is inadequate, increase in small increments weekly,” the Foundation said. “Buy from a reputable company that has each batch tested for purity, potency and safety by an independent laboratory and provides a certificate of analysis.” [2]

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