CBD athletic wear evokes mixed reactions across the industry

CBD athletic wear evokes mixed reactions across the industry

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There are many products in the now-cramped CBD market, ranging from the tried and tested to the sometimes ludicrous.

Among the more… experimental of these is the recent addition of CBD athletic wear. Wellness company Acabada rolled out a cannabidiol-infused leggings, sports bras and other athletic clothing meant to administer doses of CBD as users work out.

While the concept may seem a bit far-fetched, it’s less crazy than first impressions might indicate.

CBD has been shown in studies to reduce inflammation, which is a huge factor in chronic and acute pain problems. Other people report eased anxiety, insomnia and arthritis symptoms because of the calming attributes of CBD.

According to CNET, Acabada markets the clothing as “prerecovery” and “proactivewear,” designed to start the body’s recovery from workouts before the workouts end, priming receptors and systems in the body to bounce back. [1]

The garments supposedly come with up to 25 grams of CBD built into their fabric, according to the site.

"If you look at a knit under a microscope you're going to see thousands of fibers, and the microcapsules bond to these fibers,” said CEO Seth Baum. “And they're at all different levels within the fabric. These different levels hold the microcapsules and as you're moving you're actually breaking the ones that are the highest, or on the surface.” [1]

So as the fabric stretches, inner layers of the fabric will release their CBD contents and relax the body. At least, that’s the theory.

In other interviews, Baum claimed the clothing mimics CBD lotions popular among some customers. Still, the most effective and reliable hemp and CBD products have shown themselves to be simple, measurable and verifiable.

In the market for CBD, this often means full-spectrum or isolate extracts and tinctures. Vapes are also viable methods of CBD induction, despite some political fear mongering of overblown bootleg nicotine products.

Because there are so many fly-by-night attempts at reinventing the wheel, CBD athletics wear and other wild concepts can seem like markers of an out-of-control hemp market rather than outliers from it.

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