7-Eleven location in Colorado adopt CBD dispensing robots

7-Eleven location in Colorado adopt CBD dispensing robots

It’s in gas stations, it’s in boutiques. People sell it online, in malls and at farmers’ markets. Now, even automated machines are selling cannabidiol, or CBD, products.

Recent reports show that some branches of the popular convenience store 7-Eleven have installed cutting-edge robot vending machines where customers can buy CBD products. The change was first spotted in Colorado, which shouldn’t surprise anyone given its path-blazing in the field of cannabis.

Forbes reports the machines are created by Greenbox Robotics, a company with multiple automation projects in the CBD market. [1]

CBD is a non-psychoactive relative of THC, and while it doesn’t get its users high, many find it useful for facing their everyday complaints like chronic pain, insomnia and anxiety.

And while many Coloradoans aren’t shy about marijuana proper, there are still people that only like CBD or even like to supplement their regular weed use with CBD.

Boulder 7-Eleven owner Kenny Monfort told Forbes, “Monfort is always on the look out for innovative technology that will optimize our portfolio of businesses,” and said the Greenbox machine would “add value, intrigue and delight” for visitors. [1]

According to the Daily Mail UK, the robots cultivate and vend CBD products in less than three minutes after customers make the selection of their preferred products on a touch screen. [2]

“We are bringing a $55-billion-plus industry over the counter with a simple consumer touch,” Greenbox Robotics founder and CEO Zack Johnson told the Daily Mail. [2]

Only two of the machines are active at 7-Elevens in Boulder at the moment. One is near University of Colorado-Boulder’s campus, and the second is near the Fox Theater, the Daily Mail reports.

"What we're looking for is to generate sales and show 7-Eleven corporate that this is a value add, we're introducing a product that is protected, not on shelves to risk theft, but we are also looking to generate sales for you in your store beyond just the CBD product,” Johnson told the British paper. [2]

The Daily Mail reports the machines are also temperature controlled to ensure the products within don’t deteriorate.

Monfort told Forbes the encased and secured machines are also made to protect the expensive merchandise inside and cut down on potential thefts. [1]

The robots are more complicated than your run-of-the-mill vending machine because they also have the capability to scan customers’ IDs to ensure they’re old enough to buy CBD, Forbes reports. [1]


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