Support Minnesota farmers with Nothing But Hemp and Minny Grown

Support Minnesota farmers with Nothing But Hemp and Minny Grown

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CBD and hemp products have exploded onto the scene across the U.S. in the last year, and conscientious customers can find themselves in a whirlwind without a tether to local businesses.

The surge in popularity isn’t surprising as many people who don’t smoke marijuana find in CBD a non-psychoactive, legal alternative with many of the same relaxing benefits. That’s why it’s important that Minnesotans know how they can support farmers from their state and area.

Nothing But Hemp opened some of its first locations in the broader Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area, from Lake Street in Uptown Minneapolis and on Grand Avenue in St. Paul to Forest Lake, Maplewood and Cloquet. Other licensees are located in Nevada, Florida and Wisconsin, but Minnesota holds firm roots with the team at Nothing But Hemp.

Minny Grown, an enterprise that combines the efforts of six Minnesota hemp farms, is a recent partner with Nothing But Hemp that will ensure visitors have options and education about how they can best support local entrepreneurs and family farms.

At Minny Grown’s Cannon Falls processing facility, a former peanut butter plant has been converted to process huge amounts of Minnesota grown, Minnesota proud hemp and CBD products.

Hemp flower can be smoked in much the same way as marijuana flower, hemp plants can be converted into textiles and fabrics or even organic plastics, but it is by far most popular for its use in CBD oils and edibles.

Zach Rohr, the founder and CEO of Minny Grown and BZ Sciences CBD, said he focuses on organic full-spectrum oils and CBD isolates.

Rohr first connected with Steven Brown of Nothing But Hemp at the Minnesota Hemp Association, where he now sits as a board member. Both men’s Minnesota ties run deep and their approaches to hemp proved they were birds of a feather.

Minny Grown is revolutionary for its local-first approach to hemp growing in Minnesota in a market crowded with national contenders from places like California and Colorado more known for cannabis. Still, Rohr said many have underestimated Minnesota’s capabilities.

Between the rich soil characteristics and the lack of need for irrigation, Minnesota offers serious benefits for hemp farmers despite its relatively short growing season.

That doesn’t mean the first harvest season this year was a breeze. Zach Rohr said the long hours in the hemp fields removing weeds by hand built up a sense of camaraderie between his team of growers and the others who contributed to Minny Grown.

Those shared hardships and successes shine brightly through BZ Sciences award-winning CBD isolates and full-spectrum oils, whether customers get them in spearmint, lemon-lime or the newly released pumpkin pie flavor (just in time for Thanksgiving!).

Given how difficult it was to learn entirely new forms of agriculture, Minnesota farmers have more than a little pride in the success of their efforts in 2019. To show them you share that pride, check out Minny Grown products at a Nothing But Hemp location near you today!