CBD and marijuana: What’s changing, and what we know now

CBD and marijuana: What’s changing, and what we know now

Recent reports show changing attitudes toward cannabis products including CBD and marijuana, and some indicate a connection in their use that could surprise some.

Still, scientists are warning about an overall lack of research that should lead to healthy skepticism and scrutiny of products that very widely in quality. Regardless of one’s perspective, the role of marijuana and CBD in American society requires analysis and explanation.

According to new research outlined in the New York Post, up to 80% of people have changed their views toward marijuana in recent years, a staggering change from the time before CBD’s proliferation and popularity. [2]

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a non-psychoactive cannabis product related to marijuana with many of the same relaxation and pain relief benefits, according to testimonials and preliminary studies.

It has expanded in popularity and has been featured in a breadth of products, from simple tinctures and oil extracts to more complex and experimental offerings, like bath bombs and doggy treats.

At the same time the spread of CBD may have eased people’s approaches to marijuana, some signs indicate CBD could have other important impacts on marijuana.

A recently published story at Daily Press describes how CBD may very well ease the problems of those who have developed emotional or physical addictions to marijuana. [1]

Although news and details of such addictions often doesn’t find public attention, dependency on cannabis is rising, said University College London expert Val Curran. [1]

Curran compared groups of people he classified as “severely addicted” to cannabis by exposing them to CBD as he tried to wean them from marijuana and compared them to control groups. [1]

Alcohol dependency is another possible venue where CBD treatment might be helpful, Curran said.

“Two of the main features during alcohol detoxification is severe anxiety and risk of seizures. We think CBD has very strong anxiety-reducing properties,” he said. [1]

Amid all these claims (can CBD change how people feel about marijuana, or get them off the stuff?), others think scientists should wait and see what new information comes out.

The relatively recent legalization means more data needs to be discovered and refined.

“I think a major misconception about this subject is that people on both sides try to make it seem as though the whole issue is simple – it’s either good, or it’s bad. The marijuana plant itself has hundreds of chemicals. It’s not simple,” said addiction psychiatrist Kevin Hill. [3]


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