Hemp purveyors scramble to assist in legislating rules

Hemp purveyors scramble to assist in legislating rules

Cannabis legalization has led to a surge in new interest from lawmakers and regulators even as unassuming customers turn to the substance to ease their woes.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a hemp and cannabis compound related to THC that doesn’t get its users high, and which has proliferated into nearly every area of consumer products and many claims have been made about its abilities.

In response, regulators and bureaucrats at nearly every level have attempted to unfold rules and restrictions that would fully protect consumers from the excesses of the young market. Still, the best of intentions don’t always translate to effective legislation or regulations.

Experts and entrepreneurs in the field of CBD and cannabis products more generally have been making a point to let legislators know just what they are getting into with new drafts of legislation, according to Politico. [1]

While one might hope for more expertise and organic, low-level interest from providers and cultivators, so far the biggest guns in the hemp lobbying efforts that have followed the 2018 Farm Bill include Walmart, Patagonia and GW Pharmaceuticals, according to Politico.

“The lobbying is a sign of the economics behind this,” Eric Steenstra, president of Vote Hemp, told Politico. “The fact that there’s so many people interested in it tells you that there’s business happening there — and that’s a good thing.” [1]

A key aspect of the Politico piece is the fact that CBD lobbyists are excited to have their day in public after years howling into the wind.

“I was just trying to normalize hemp so that people could see hemp was another bio-based resource, completely different from the stigma and cultural associations with marijuana,” Ben Vote Hemp’s Ben Droz told Politico. “We were trying to break those stereotypes that were pretty well ingrained back in 2009.” [1]

In the face of these moves to regulate ordinary people’s access to products they use for anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain and a slew of other symptoms, it can be hard to know where to look for trust and sincerity among hemp experts.

Often, a reliable seller is the difference between someone having a neutral or negative experience with CBD can frequently be encountering CBD sellers well-versed in the science and nuances of cannabis and hemp.

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