CBD Expo Midwest promises to bring first-of-its kind awareness and information to region’s consumers

CBD Expo Midwest promises to bring first-of-its kind awareness and information to region’s consumers

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INDIANAPOLIS – Conventions and trade shows are nothing new to many who share special interests in given hobbies, professions and products. Now, CBD enthusiasts in the Midwest are getting their very own industry expo.

The CBD Expo Midwest 2019 is funded by CBD Health and Wellness Magazine, and will take place in Indianapolis from March 15-16, 2019. [1]

Next week’s exhibition will feature over 70 different exhibitors, from retailers and product brands to growers and procurers of hemp and CBD.

Indiana legalized CBD oil use two years ago, making Indianapolis a prime location for the convention as opposed to other states that only saw the legalization at the end of 2018 with the Farm Bill, according to reporting from local radio affiliate there, 93 WIBC. [2]

WIBC writes that the CBD expo is stopping at Indianapolis next week as its only Midwest location, but overall makes up a tour of nine cities in the U.S.

Speaking engagements, panel discussions and expert input seem to play heavily in the catalogue of CBD Expo’s plans.

Workshops and seminars at the expo will be headed up by experts in the field on topics like cooking, CBD use for seniors, and other more involved industry information like CBD extraction. [1]

"…Orders for CBD from existing CBD companies and manufacturers are coming from Indiana," Celeste Miranda, CEO of the CBD Expo Tour, told WIBC. "So, we know there's a lot of CBD users there and in the Midwest." [2]

The expo certainly seems like a step forward for the CBD space, and the healthy cross-pollination of products, consumer interest and industry expertise is sure to be a boon to the Midwest’s CBD market.

Still, aspects of the CBD expo tour may leave some in the upper-Midwest a bit left out of the festivities. Indianapolis is a far reach for some, and the $74 price tag is sure to winnow the pool of those interested down to industry-insiders and the like.

More and more CBD events and conventions are sure to follow the growing CBD market in America, which market agencies have projected could reach a $16 billion valuation in America by 2025 despite regulatory uncertainties. [3]

Perhaps even Minnesotans will one day have the Expo stop by their state in future years, but in the meantime, it is understandable why many may need other outlets to get their CBD information and inspirations.

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