What you need to know as a CBD user who may be drug tested

What you need to know as a CBD user who may be drug tested

One of the most frequently-asked questions new CBD users have is whether it will appear on corporate employers’ and other drug tests.

Whether to use CBD is a personal question, especially for those employed somewhere that requires regular drug tests or who apply to jobs who may ask the same.

The key to determining whether the non-psychoactive hemp-based CBD you use will usually lie in its content of a related cannabinoid compound, THC.

THC, or tetrahydrocannabidiol, is the marijuana plant’s active ingredient, which gets the user of marijuana high. THC is a sort of cousin compound of CBD, or cannabidiol, which doesn’t have the psychoactive aspects but which many use for pain relief, insomnia and forms of epilepsy. [1]

Since THC is what makes recreational weed its mind-altering property, it also happens to be what most clinical drug tests seek out in the chemical composition of bodily substances like urine during various screenings.

While some drug tests are capable of picking up on the CBD compounds within hemp products, most common drug tests are only really interested in those THC compounds.

Here’s where things get interesting. Even though some CBD products are exceptions, many lines of CBD products have limited quantities (often in quantities around 0.3 percent) of THC in their makeup. This is because within the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) of the body, THC is a much more efficient binding agent than CBD.

This means that while CBD’s potential uses for a number of personal and lifestyle benefits have been shown in preliminary studies, [2] some find the CBD products they use most effective when there is some amount of THC mixed in.

That doesn’t mean CBD alone has no positive effects, and on this question, I write from experience. I recently penned a review of the Funky Farms CBD tinctures which I chose to pursue in part because they have no THC content and I face the possibility of job selection drug-testing. [3]

Please read the review in the link below, but remember that every choice to use CBD is a personal one for adults to consider, especially because the compound can show up in some less popular forms of drug testing.

In the meantime, some advances have been made in the space of job testing for drug testing on CBD. Kentucky, for instance, is currently considering a law to protect those using CBD for pain relief and other uses from employers who might hold the fact against them. [4]

Despite limited progress, the best way to know what products and brands are best for your needs is to reach a trusted source in the CBD industry near you.

For residents of the Twin Cities metro area, that source is likely Nothing But Hemp. With three locations in Uptown Minneapolis on West Lake Street, in Maplewood Mall on White Bear Avenue, and in Forest Lake.

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