CBD for the immune system? Coronavirus or no, take care of your recovery

CBD for the immune system? Coronavirus or no, take care of your recovery

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In recent weeks, the first cases of the new COVID-19 respiratory virus have been detected in states across the U.S.

The new and dangerous strain of influenza has ushered in worldwide concerns, quarantines and states of emergency as death tolls have skyrocketed first in Wuhan, China before reaching many areas of the globe. Now more than ever it is important that people take care of their immune systems and ensure they are as healthy and resilient as possible as cases of the lethal virus mount.

The American Department of Health and Human Services announced at the end of January that the country was in a state of emergency to face the disease’s spread, according to the Centers for Disease Control. [1]

According to the Wall Street Journal, New York state joined California in declaring a state of emergency after the U.S. death toll from the disease rose to claim 19 patients. [2]

Vaccines and preventative measures like avoiding large public gatherings and thorough hand washing are currently the preeminent methods for fighting off the possibility of contracting Coronavirus. [1]

Viral infections also spread quickly across populations that lack herd immunity, and preventing this spread in such areas is extremely challenging.

Still, nowhere near all cases of COVID-19 are fatal, and the body’s standard immune system plays a key role in recovering from its effects. According to the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota, a 72,000-patient study in China showed just a 2.3% death rate from the disease, usually among the elderly. [3]

Given the survivability of the Coronavirus, everyday bodily health is once again a topic for discussion as the world confronts this potential pandemic.

Healthy diets and exercise are key to active immune systems, but some research seems to indicate that CBD, the compound found in industrial hemp, may also have immune system effects.

According to Science Direct, CBD may be useful in treatments for Rheumatism because it acts as an immunosuppressant. This quality of stopping anti-bodies in the immune system does not seem advantageous for fighting flew on the initial glance. [4]

Still, other studies have shown cannabinoids like CBD can have positive benefits to the body’s immune system when treating autoimmune disorders like HIV/AIDS. You can read about the National Institutes for Health findings on that matter with the link below. [5]

Some might argue more generally that folks who try CBD ofter report feeling better and more healthy about themselves, which could be seen as an encouraging path to personal health and less worrying about average health risks.

It remains unlikely that COVID-19 will be one of these typical health risks, and vaccinations and the express guidance of the CDC should be deferred to in this subject.


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