CBD isn’t a COVID-19 cure, but does that mean it can’t help?

CBD isn’t a COVID-19 cure, but does that mean it can’t help?

Whenever something seizes the attention of a wide swath of the population, you can be sure someone is looking to profit from it.

The novel coronavirus pandemic is no exception to this unfortunate rule of behavior. Across the U.S., various fraudsters have attempted to claim they have exclusive access to a cure for the intimidating infection.

CBD has also been used in this misleading way, and it’s important to moderate your consumption of the hype.

There are currently no cures or vaccines for the novel coronavirus approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and you should not let people take advantage of you by telling they have one.

According to Marijuana Moment, former NFL star Kyle Turley, a CBD advocate, recently got in trouble with FDA representatives after claiming CBD could cure COVID-19 and that the FDA was perpetrating a coverup against natural wellness.

“The last thing the world needs in these difficult and often confusing times is someone with any level of celebrity using their public platform to sell their personal products on false promises and pseudoscience,” Erik Altieri, executive director of NORML, told Marijuana Moment.

Ministry of Hemp’s blog also featured recent reporting showing the widespread use of fake stories claiming CBD can cure coronavirus. The key to these claims is they are not backed up by evidence at this time.

So what good is CBD?

Not all have been adequately hasty in proclaiming the benefits of hemp and CBD. Many hemp brands, manufacturers and retailers are simply interested in getting people the natural, organic wellness products they believe will improve their lives.

Science on hemp and CBD products is still developing and many claims can’t be made in stone.

Still, consumers love to use CBD for their chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, insomnia and other conditions. One prescription drug based on CBD has also received FDA approval to treat a rare form of childhood epilepsy.

There are a number of reasons people are facing more stress and anxiety in the midst of this global outbreak, especially due to the fear of infected loved ones and the harsh reality of staggering levels of unemployment and income loss due to the economic shutdowns.

It makes sense why many have turned to CBD for these issues to help them relax, and testimonials show that CBD really does help people even if government sanction and scientific certainty may not come for some time.

Basically, when it comes to CBD or anything else, remember that something can be good without being the cure for COVID-19.

As consumers face newfound fears and uncertainty, easy answers and miracle cures can be enticing — set yourself apart from the pack by discerning which products and brands are right for your needs, and never mind the hot air.


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