CBD offers skin care benefits to seniors and others who want to look fresh

CBD offers skin care benefits to seniors and others who want to look fresh

If you’re an older person who has heard about CBD, you’ve likely heard about the studies showing cannabis’ potential for pain relief in arthritis and other chronic conditions.

Still, you may not be aware of the other benefits CBD and hemp products generally can offer to better your quality of life. Among these is its use in skincare products that can keep

For those unfamiliar, CBD is a cannabis compound related to marijuana that offers many of that substance’s benefits without the mind-altering high.

What CBD can do goes far beyond just the benefits to chronic pain and conditions like anxiety and insomnia, where preliminary studies and testimonials by the truckload seem to indicate the compound’s promise.

In skin care products, from lotions and ointments to bath bombs and soaps, many people have found they are able to get the life-changing benefits of the CBD compound while maintaining a regimen that maintains healthy, naturally youthful skin at the same time.

There are plenty of reasons people of any age may want to stay on top of their skin care, but as we age these concerns compound. Proper maintenance and self care can fight off crow’s feet, wrinkles and blemishes in an organic and healthy way. [2]

Plus, newcomers to CBD will be glad to find that the same anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties the compound brings in other products will soak into the skin along with the lotion or soap of your choice. The variety of these choices is always expanding.

In fact, such demand has developed for more types of CBD cosmetic choices that craft brands and products are struggling to keep up with interested customers, according to Market Watch. [3]

Dr. Jules Lipoff, an assistant dermatology professor at the University of Pennsylvania, told Forbes the science still needs to develop before we know completely how effective CBD skin products can be. [2]

Still, Lipoff advises that newcomers try many different CBD skin products to see which work for them based on differences in their contents and manufacture. [2]

How can we make sense of the choices and options in the cannabis market when it comes to skin care and self care products and brands?

New cannabis customers need a guide to find the best quality, ingredients and consistency.

They need help navigating which line of products is best for them and their particular needs.

Nothing But Hemp’s motivating principal is to educate ordinary people about the benefits and science of CBD. With partnerships with house brand Siskiyou Sungrown CBD, which offers farm-to-table hemp products for those who love organics, you could do much worse as a start.

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