Cannabis-loving celebs are spreading the green news about hemp

Cannabis-loving celebs are spreading the green news about hemp

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The flow of new and creative cannabis products spreading across America has been a bottom-up revolution of interest for the newly-legal plant, but star power has helped it reach the mainstream.

Celebrities many will find familiar have come out to advocate for the benefits of cannabidiol, or CBD, which they’ve helped to make a household fixture. Here’s a look at just some of them.

Americans have turned to CBD since hemp’s legalization at the federal level at the end of 2018, using it for anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia and a laundry list of other day-to-day problems they would rather not seek potentially-harmful and expensive pharmaceuticals to remedy.

Among the big names in CBD celebs is Kim Kardashian, who helped to popularize CBD when she held a CBD-themed baby shower for her fourth child.

The event featured hemp giveaways and yoga, meditation and baby-naming contests. Read more about Kim’s CBD baby shower on the Nothing But Hemp Blog by following the link below. [1]

Rapper Post Malone also recently announced a partnership with a cannabis entrepreneur to help build out a line of hemp and CBD smokeable products.

Two other big celebs in the hemp game are the unlikely duo of Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart, who this spring announced plans to partner with Canadian company Canopy Growth to roll out new lines of CBD offerings.

According to Cannabis Radar, a number of other celebrities have taken up the hemp and CBD mantle.

Olivia Wilde, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Anniston have either presented their own versions of CBD products and brands or simply endorsed hemp and cannabis products for their daily comfort. [2]

The list goes on: Emma Roberts, Kristen Bell and Whoopi Goldberg also make up the compendium of star-struck market adoption surrounding hemp products.

Specific brands and products become repeat occurrences among the set of Hollywood headliners. Lord Jones CBD, for instance, is a favorite for Bell and Wilde, along with Mandy Moore. [2]

Some of these surely stem from sponsorship, while others tend toward idiosyncrasy while emphasizing the opportunities within CBD markets.

Gwyneth Paltrow, for instance, adopted CBD early on her flagship brand Goop, which has a checkered record of verifiable quality, while Goldberg emphasizes CBD’s use in menstrual pains all women face. [2]

Even Willie Nelson has a CBD property. Willie’s Remedy, the country superstar’s cannabis brand, is available as coffee beans ready to help you grind relaxation into your morning.

Sports celebrities are another group that has taken to CBD enthusiasm. Bubba Watson, one of the most prominent players in professional golf, was one of the first to establish a hemp sponsorship and push the market for hemp forward.

Make sure to follow the Nothing But Hemp blog to find out more about your favorite stars as they turn to CBD advocacy!