Does CBD have benefits for PMS?

Does CBD have benefits for PMS?

At least 75% of women face pre-menstrual syndrome symptoms as a part of their regular life and cycle.

Though these symptoms range by individual, they include painful cramps, light-headedness and fatigue. While so many seek relief, new hype for CBD is showing promise to help solve an ageless problem among women.

New brands and products since the 2018 legalization seem to have drawn women all around the United States who have attested to its helpfulness, though further scientific inquiry is still worthwhile as with many of the potential uses of CBD.

According to reporting from the Chicago Tribune, over 150 symptoms of PMS, including bloating and insomnia, have been documented by women. [1]

In most cases, treatments for PMS symptoms have been to simply wait it out, which for most is… unsatisfying, to say the least.

While some women get off with relatively short PMS windows in the five-day range, others face 11 days or more of PMS symptoms per month. [1]

Those days of unrest and occasionally of agony add up, and there’s a reason CBD is something people are willing to try out.

CBD and other cannabis products have shown in studies of animals the potential to ease inflammation, which many cite as a cause of body aches and chronic pains often associated with PMS.

According to Moody Month, CBD is used by many to manage emotional and mood swing issues that so many face during their PMS. [3]

“When I first started using CBD, it was game changer,” New York executive Karla Vitrone told Moody Month. “It works really well when you’re ovulating and feel a bit more anxiety. I found that it helped me totally switch off and transition to night. It makes you feel totally relaxed and has none of the side effects of marijuana, which was my biggest fear as I have a small child and I didn’t want to feel ‘high’ or have negative side effects. It’s really subtle.” [3]

Many choose to use it as a non-invasive and all-natural alternative to frequently expensive pharmaceuticals with lists of side-effects a mile long.

Other studies suggest CBD’s potential for managing symptoms from anxiety and depression, according to the Chicago Tribune, common symptoms of PMS. [1]

According to Leaf Science, CBD also helps to soothe the acne symptoms many face during the surging hormones that make up the PMS bout. [2]

Many women who don’t like the high brought on by marijuana may like to try out the offerings of CBD, which don’t get their users high, Dr. Judie Holland told Leaf Science. [2]

Experts advise starting with low doses and then building up over time to see the results desired.