CBD’s convenience store spread reaches the midwest as Kwik Trip joins the fray

CBD’s convenience store spread reaches the midwest as Kwik Trip joins the fray

La Crosse, Wisconsin’s Kwik Trip chain of gas station convenience stores is the most recent exciting entry into the CBD retail game.

The franchises are much loved in the midwest, especially Minnesota in Wisconsin, for their wide array of grocery items and quality presentation that pairs with their gas offerings. Now, the franchises will be another in a growing list of venues where customers can find CBD products.

CBD is seemingly everywhere, and it’s simply not surprising. People across the world are learning to use the non-psychoactive cannabis derivative for their daily wellness, including bouts of insomnia, chronic pain, anxiety and even certain extreme types of epilepsy.

While medical research is limited, with most thorough case studies and lab tests coming from European countries where cannabis has been decriminalized, the recent change in American federal law has opened the floodgates for new research and new opportunities for normal people to try CBD for themselves.

Recently, Kwik Trip updated its website to announce that they would carry CBD vape pens, drops and tinctures for their customers on the go. According to reporting from the Milwaukee Business Journal, Kwik Trip locations will also offer bits of information for customers about the effects of CBD and its legal status. [1]

Others have been forging their own paths into the retail market for CBD. Kroger grocers now carry CBD, and Rite Aid, CVS and Walgreens shops also took to selling CBD in some of there locations across the states.

Many of these adoptions of CBD in retail chains exist as mere pilot programs currently, largely because state laws on CBD regulation are disparate and often contradictory. While many misled crack-downs on CBD have died down with the rising popularity of the products, some states’ approach is still less than welcoming.

Plus, the Food and Drug Administration still hasn’t declared any solid ruling on CBD’s status within food and drink products, an area that tons of producers are biding their time to capitalize on.

They held a public hearing at the end of May, but former Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said in a public statement that the regulation process could take years.

In the meantime, CBD products keep filing in to the shelves of American towns, grocers, pharmacies and convenience stores. However, the people who actually know what they’re talking about are few and far between.

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