Nothing But Hemp welcomes new brand to its inventories: WYLD CBD, masters of the edible

Nothing But Hemp welcomes new brand to its inventories: WYLD CBD, masters of the edible

As more Americans reach for CBD products for their day-to-day quality of life for their anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain and other concerns, every proven product can be a worthy tool in their belt.

Safety, consistency and expertise are the reason many have come to rely on Nothing But Hemp, the largest dedicated retailer of hemp and CBD products in Minnesota which also has a location in Tampa Florida and a growing number of licensees. Experts in the hemp and retail fields connect at Nothing But Hemp, and now the stores will carry a new brand with serious credentials in the realm of edible production.

WYLD has been manufacturing cannabis edibles from their kitchens in Oregon, California and Nevada since 2015. In the time since the 2018 Farm Bill that legalized hemp, they’ve turned their efforts and know-how to a new enterprise, WYLD CBD. [1]

WYLD CBD has been using cross-trained cooks, familiar with the processes of the nation’s second-largest edible gummy producer in the U.S., to make simply the best, most consistent CBD gummy treats on the market today.

An eye for specifics and cutting edge production processes are what maintains WYLD CBD’s proven quality.

Among these precautions is an extensive testing regime and a particular production process for WYLD CBD’s gummies.

WYLD’s source for hemp and hemp processing is licensed by the Oregon Dept. of Agriculture, and their product is tested there for its first time. When the raw product gets to WYLD CBD, it goes through its second round test for trace-THC levels and a number of other substances within the hemp compound.

The gummies receive their third and final internal screening at WYLD CBD after each batch is completed. During this stage, water levels within the gummies are particularly important, as water content more than anything else determines how likely a gummy is to mold, thus determining its shelf life.

WYLD CBD wholesale account manager Myles Petretti-Seamon said that another aspect that sets the products apart is their unique approach to mixing in their hemp during the gummy cooking process, not before or after the gummies are created by dusting them with or folding them around the hemp additive.

Petretti-Seamon said this is only made possible by having cooks with years in the business of creating cannabis gummies and WYLD CBD’s special, pharmaceutical-grade mixer to allow for this process to happen.

“We focus on consistency, reliability and real fruit flavors,” Petretti-Seamon said. “Each of our gummies is sure to have exactly 25 mG of CBD because of how we manufacture our product.”

Currently, WYLD CBD offers gummies in raspberry, blackberry, huckleberry and lemon flavors centered on reaching a better taste than many competitors’ edibles.

To learn more about WYLD CBD, check out the link below. [1]

To learn more about how Nothing But Hemp insures that it only brings customers the best, industry-leading brands, follow this link below. [2]