CBD testing bound to take off across skittish market

CBD testing bound to take off across skittish market

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In any new industry, quality standards are one of the first problems customers want to see solved.

For many established industries, customers tend to rely heavily on inherited guidelines from regulators, and though they think these make them safer, there are moral hazards involved with being inattentive to one’s own health.

A recent proposed piece of legislation in Illinois that would mandate testing on products shows both the need for tested products and the dangers of hasty moves.

The proposal in the Illinois state Legislature was written by Rep. Bob Morgan, D-Deerfield, according to the Chicago Tribune, and would make it illegal to sell CBD products without verified lab-testing of products. [1]

This seems at first glance to be a reasonable regulation of the industry that has gripped so many Americans with excitement — and others with fear or apprehension.

Much of this problem, however, comes not a simple lack of information, and even if the Illinois plan and others like it are prudent, they raises other serious considerations we ought to deliberate.

While legislation like this would ensure that business-owners that can afford to work through suppliers with extensive testing regimes stay in business, it would hurt others and possibly reduce customers’ incentives to be responsible for their own safety.

This transfer of responsibility to a seemingly-trusted third party is called moral hazard, and it may have adverse effects on CBD users.

If tests are mandated by state or federal government offices, people can be lulled into a feeling of security and be less acute in their attention to their product quality.

For this reason, some cannabis customers and businesses think the problem should be solved by relying on organic sourcing and reputable brands.

Either way, customers should put a premium on brands that are transparent about the results of their lab-testing on products.

Nothing But Hemp is a company that can compete, and be trusted, under either paradigm. It only carries industry-leading products that have been vetted by third-party labs to test for contents, purity, terpene counts and other measures of cannabis quality.

A staff of friendly and knowledgeable folks seasoned in the cannabis and hemp industries are waiting to walk you through the lab tests of Nothing But Hemp products so each customer can evaluate contents and quality to their liking.

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[2] nothingbuthemp.net/store