Smokable hemp fills market gap amid vaping mania

Smokable hemp fills market gap amid vaping mania

It’s difficult to open a consumer news site these days without finding hysterical reactions to bootleg vape products that have caused a recent spate of lung illnesses in the U.S.

Amid the chaotic backlash, including bans on flavored vape products in New York and discussions of similar measures in Congress, the ordinary smoker or fan of vapes can find it hard to know what to make of their hobby. For some investors and entrepreneurs, smokable hemp products are looking more and more attractive.

Mike Leago of the Industrial Hemp Exchange, or iHEMPx, recently wrote an article about how his company has found that Swiss consumers and other Europeans have already turned to non-marijuana cannabis cigarettes and other smoking methods to replace dangerous tobacco and mind-altering marijuana in certain situations. [1]

“Let's face it, tobacco stopped being cool a long time ago and vaping has seen some major damage to its credibility recently,” Leago writes. “While inhaling smoke is never going to be healthy, it seems like hemp is clearly a better alternative to tobacco in all forms and a more accessible option that marijuana for most people around the world.” [1]

He says challenges involved with taking a chance on the high-risk, high-reward new hemp farming industry include the shear volume demands from buyers like those in Europe and the effort and time needed to process the plants.

Like tobacco, hemp flower needs to be cut and dried over a period after the harvest. [1]

Europeans may not be the only ones with a demand for smokable hemp plants if trends continue in the U.S., with industrial hemp cultivation’s legalization in 2018.

North Carolina farmers have been turning to hemp during this, the first harvest season, to ease up on the drastically falling demand for tobacco and tobacco products. Hemp farms and CBD processing facilities alike offer commercial opportunities in spades. [2]

Nothing But Hemp, meanwhile, doesn’t shy away from CBD vape products. In the recorded cases of lung illnesses so far, bootleg and black market refill pods for Juul and other vape brands have played key roles in the illnesses, likely due to untraced additives and chemicals.

At Nothing But Hemp, an emphasis on high-quality, lab-tested products offers a work-around so customers can buy from a polished, professional retailer that furnishes award-winning and industry-leading products. Brands like Lumi CBD offer quality, organic vaping products without harsh chemical additives.

Still, Nothing But Hemp also recognizes the importance of smokable hemp flower as more people seize its potential. Hemp strains for every occasion can be found at Nothing But Hemp, with more fresh variety coming up after harvest. [3]

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