Copy of Nothing But Hemp goes nordic with organic hemp and CBD from Minny Grown

Copy of Nothing But Hemp goes nordic with organic hemp and CBD from Minny Grown

In its quest to bring Minnesotans the highest quality organic hemp products, Nothing But Hemp is proud to announce its new partnership with Minny Grown and BZ Sciences.

BZ Sciences was started by Zach Rohr, who wanted to create high quality organic CBD tinctures and oils. Eventually the project expanded to include Minny Grown, a network of local Minnesota farms that process hemp at BZ Sciences’ Cannon Falls facility.

Offerings from BZ Sciences include full-spectrum tinctures and concentrates, which both won first prize at the Legacy Glassworks CBD Cup this year.

The brand’s spearmint, pumpkin pie and lemon lime flavored organic CBD oils join Nothing But Hemp’s lineup of stellar brands including Charlotte’s Web CBD, Select CBD and house brand Siskiyou Sungrown CBD.

“Nothing But Hemp was looking for the right local Minnesota supplier to cross our path,” Nothing But Hemp CEO Steven Brown said. “I was immediately impressed by the branding, the flavor and how I felt immediately after taking Minny Grown CBD. I have tried lots of products that are local in Minnesota and most of them I tasted were so awful you can tell the suppliers were just winging it.”

For Zach and the team at Minny Grown, finding a space in the crowded markets of CBD entrepreneurs and more than a few opportunists has meant honing in on Minnesota roots.

He said Minnesota’s climate and rich soil is great for the plant, and despite a relatively limited growing season, the state offers great capabilities for the fast-growing hemp plant.

“We’re amazed at how well hemp has grown in Minnesota,” Rohr said. “It’s going to be a real staple here going forward.”

Rohr said the company’s 30,000 square foot facility used to function as a peanut butter factory and is now split evenly between hemp growing and extraction space.

The building handles cutting, drying and processing from BZ Sciences and the other six Minnesota growers that make up the Mind Grown partnership.

This approach allows for an entirely unique opportunity for oversight in each step of the production process that shows in the company’s award success, and translates to reliability for customers.

“Minny Grown is completely different, they took time developing a professional brand, they took time on developing the right formulation and they know what they are doing,” Brown said. “We are excited to add Minny Grown to our product mix as one of our premier local brands.”

Extracting using cryo-ethynol systems has allowed BZ Sciences and Minny Grown to add capacity to their streamlined factory and expand to more local growers.

Given how relatively new industrial hemp is on the scene and how much work goes in to increasing yields in any growing enterprise, this year has been an exciting one for cannabis entrepreneurs, but has also presented challenges.

Hemp was only made legal at the federal level in December of 2018.

“It was definitely challenging, but looking back on it, it was great,” Rohr said. “A lot of growers had problems, given it’s a whole new kind of agriculture and people thought they’d be able to just grow huge amounts of hemp. It was hard work.”

Check out Minny Grown and BZ Sciences products at one of Nothing But Hemp’s Minnesota locations near you today!