Coronavirus fears cast shadow on CBD trade, but many hold out hope

Coronavirus fears cast shadow on CBD trade, but many hold out hope

As the novel Coronavirus that causes COVID-19 has spanned across the United States after hammering China, Italy and Iran, nearly all industries fret as they watch the economy’s uncertain performance.

Though day-by-day news from the markets has the ability to shift, almost everyone is hoping for the moment when people can remain safe and healthy and return to work and life as usual. In the hemp industry, many have similar concerns about the slowdown from government and self-imposed quarantines, but prospects aren’t seen as all negative.

In many jurisdictions where heavily recommended “shelter-in-place” standards have turned into government mandates, civilians are only allowed to leave their homes to reach “essential” locations like grocery stores, hospitals and other similar destinations.

For many who rely on hemp and CBD products daily for their anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia and other issues, the closures can impose life-altering difficulties.

According to Yahoo! Finance, the Texas Hemp Industries Association has been actively lobbying to have their industry qualified as “essential” in light of the closures that have come to so many areas. [1]

Benzinga reports recently that multiple Native American tribes have taken to growing industrial hemp since the crop was removed from the federal register of controlled substances in 2018, and these groups also have high hopes tied to the success of the hemp wellness and CBD industry. [2]

The crop is widely hailed for its cheap growing, environmentally-friendly impact and uses in textiles and industrial uses beyond the CBD products so many have become familiar with.

Despite the risks involved in the current turbulent mode of the markets, hemp entrepreneurs are still slogging each day to bring new products to those who rely on CBD and hemp for their wellness and peace of mind.

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