Ordered to stay home, Americans seek new ways to fight anxiety

Ordered to stay home, Americans seek new ways to fight anxiety

Stores across the country are closed. Governments have ordered massive populations to drastically reduce their travel and activity. Joblessness has skyrocketed.

Americans have a lot to be anxious about right now, as indeed do many across the globe. In the wake of changing economic and social realities, many have turned to a relatively recent innovation in relaxation: Hemp and CBD.

CBD oil is derived from the cultivation and extraction of industrial hemp, a crop which was a staple in the U.S. for decades before being prohibited in the 1930s.

The 2018 Farm Bill resurrected industrial hemp in the legal market and the CBD boom followed.

Thousands of U.S. residents adopted CBD oil for their chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, insomnia and other issues. One FDA-approved prescription CBD drug even treats a rare form of childhood epilepsy.

That isn’t the end of CBD’s wonders. CBD pet products are also exceptionally popular among many hemp customers, many of whom give their pets CBD for relaxation and other reasons.

While layoffs, furloughs and the mandatory work from home policies that have popped up in the wake of COVID-19’s spread have altered the lives of many ordinary people, there is hope that we may be able to adapt.

For those who already glommed on to the CBD trend before the outbreak of the coronavirus in the U.S., they likely plan to use the substance for their anxiety and for their pets, who they’ll be seeing a lot more of in the coming weeks.

Some companies have also made a point of helping their CBD customers adjust while doing good for communities at the same time.

In New York, the hardest hit location in the U.S., Sojen Inc. is a CBD company that has been delivering “positivity packs” to residents. These care packages include CBD products and proceeds will help a meals program charity. [1]

Meanwhile, Minny Grown CBD and Nothing But Hemp in Minnesota are seeking donations to create hemp-based hand sanitizers for public servants like police officers and fire fighters in order to buy them time as they fight against the pandemic as it spreads north. [3]

You can check out a wide array of CBD products, available online or via phone and mail ordering, at nothingbuthemp.net, and help out Minnesota’s brave first responders using the GoFundMe link below. [3]


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