Nothing But Hemp Announces Vice President of Retail Operations & New Equity Share Owner Reading FIRST HEMP | CBD STORE: NOTHING BUT HEMP - OPENING AT MAPLEWOOD MALL 4 minutes Next Farm Bill 2018

Nothing But Hemp' is delighted to announce that it will be opening a cutting-edge Hemp store within the next few days. This will be at the Maplewood Mall, Minnesota, where shoppers can buy award winning CBD products that can normally only to be found at dispensaries in Oregon, California and Colorado. Nothing But Hemp's CEO, Steven Brown a former United States Marine stated: “We go through a stringent process prior to partnering with hemp cultivators. This includes ensuring that all of the products have been lab tested, have certified cannabis awards, and have received recognition by professionals in the field.”

Siskiyou Sungrown Farms

Steven believes in the importance of having strong relationships with his suppliers, and because of this, he has formed a partnership with Siskiyou Sungrown Farms. - The wonderful farm in Oregon, which specializes in cultivating cannabis for health and wellness.

At this time, Siskiyou Sungrown sets the standard for state-of-the-art cannabis products. Further, the company comprises

a team of engaged professionals who boast degrees in: health science, biochemistry, engineering, soil science and geology; as well as advanced degrees in permaculture and entomology.

A Background for Success

Steven has a long record working as a consultant in the cannabis industry, has

helped open one of the largest dispensaries in Los Angeles, and worked closely with companies that have multimillion dollar indoor cultivating facilities. Now, since the new legislation, Steven wants to make sure that Minnesotans can get the same quality products that are found out West. - And research on his competitors shows that they are carrying “white label products,” which is the process of companies going to hemp suppliers, and asking the latter put their own label on it. - So this means there is a middle man, and the extra cost for their services, is passed straight on to the consumer. For example, Steven's competitors charge $110 for 1000Mg of non-recognized CBD products. Again this happens, because they are white labeling and going through a middle man. It also means that the hemp from the third party could be inferior quality.

The Nothing But Hemp store at the Maplewood Mall in Maplewood Minnesota, will be carrying award winning products that have been featured in High Times, Herb, Buzz Feed, Forbes, and Women’s Health Magazine. Nothing But Hemp will be carrying everything from oils, to CBD candies, CBD bath bombs with essential oils, and many types of super skin care products.

Excellent Product Reviews

In fact, Steven says that his products work so well, that his online customers have been raving about the results. A teacher in Saint Paul stated: “It makes my migraines go away after 15 minutes, it is the only thing that works.”

Mr. Henry, a resident of Bloomington, MN, and customer of the Nothing But Hemp online store, has been taking his CBD tinctures for the last 3 months because of his stage 4 cancer. 3 months ago, his doctor said he only had a few weeks to live, and was too weak for chemo. Mr. Henry contacted Nothing But Hemp, and thought to himself that at this point, he has nothing to lose, so he purchased the CBD products to see if the CBD would prolong his life. Mr. Henry called, and said to our distribution director,

that : “its working, and I can do chemo again”.

Mr. Henry is getting progressively better everyday, and is having a better quality of life.

Special Offer for the Nothing But Hemp Grand Opening

Nothing But Hemp is excited about making quality vetted CBD products accessible to the people of Minnesota at an affordable price. Everyone is invited to come to the Nothing But Hemp grand opening on the week of November 5, 2018. They will receive a free gift with the purchase of any oil.

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