Golfers, including Bubba Watson, are bringing CBD oil to their professional game

Golfers, including Bubba Watson, are bringing CBD oil to their professional game

As ever-increasing throngs of Americans flood the market for cannabis and hemp products, some cutting-edge pro athletes are also part of the trend.

Bubba Watson, who has won the Masters championship twice, recently revealed that he uses CBD products throughout his golfing in a move he called a “no-brainer.”

According to an interview with CNN published Thursday, Watson likes CBD for pain relief and to keep himself from being injured as he continues in the professional golf world.

Even though substances used to increase players abilities in competition are typically looked-down on by competitors and fans alike, CBD oils were recently removed from the World Anti-Doping Agency’s list of prohibited substances. [1]

CNN reports that the PGA Tour still issued a warning to players that since CBD products sometimes differ from the ingredients listed on their labels, players are responsible for ensuring that they aren’t consuming any illicit substances in the eyes of the league.

"I've had doctors involved to do my research and see what companies out there make a product that's safe for me and safe for my family. It was a no brainer," Bubba Watson told CNN. [1]

Because not everyone is a professional athlete with teams of doctors on hand to vet CBD choices, many cannabis producers and retailers have turned to third-party lab testing to make sure customers are getting the right consistency and quality across a number of considerations.

This means users of CBD, when they rely on third-party labs and trusted retailers, can be fairly sure they are getting reliable terpene counts, cannabis strains and overall CBD quality.

Bubba Watson has won 12 PGA Tour wins in his career, and at the age of 40, still hopes that CBD will help him to keep playing for years and years to come.

"So for me it was about how I create longevity in the game of golf and spending time with my kids running around. CBD was easily a fit for me,” Watson told CNN. [1]

Watson recently picked up a special partnership with hemp company cbdMD around the same time he made his hemp announcement to media, according to Golf Digest. [2]

While Watson is the most widely reported golf pro to use CBD, that hasn’t kept blogs from blazing away with rumors about other prominent figures. recently published a blog guessing as to whether Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson were chomping on CBD chewing gum at the Masters this year. [3]

It’s anyone’s guess whether to buy into those rumors, but one thing is certain: CBD is here to stay.