Oreos made with CBD? Snack giant Mondelez could make this dream a reality

Oreos made with CBD? Snack giant Mondelez could make this dream a reality

Popular brands have been turning to CBD for months, and CBD-specific brands have rising to popularity in equal degree.

From Willie Nelson to Kim Kardashian, the celebrities who rushed to adopt hemp products have been bell weathers of the broader trend toward the newly legal substance all over America’s consumer markets.

Country music-themed CBD coffee beans from Nelson and Kardashian CBD baby showers aren’t the only place the hemp bug has crept into the culture, however. Corporate brands all over the country are riding the wave too, with some of the biggest American pharmacy chains carrying CBD now, and plenty of other companies and entrepreneurs looking for some of the action.

Now, cannabis enthusiasts may have some exciting news. The company that makes Oreo cookies, Cadbury eggs and plenty of other snacks, Mondelez, is eyeing the CBD market for new product opportunities. [1]

Reporting from CNBC shows that the CEO of the snack conglomerate, Dirk Van de Put, said the company is looking into the non-psychoactive hemp extract for a number of its subsidiary companies.

“Yes, we’re getting ready, but we obviously want to stay within what is legal and play it the right way,” he told CNBC.

Likely these forays into hemp on the behalf of Mondelez will come in the form of entirely new products and product lines, Van de Put said. For now, hopes that Oreos or other family brands like Nilla Wafers have been dashed.

Perhaps like Coca-Cola, Mondelez is waiting on more clarity from federal regulators on how to approach the hemp question. This month, the Food and Drug Administration will be hosting a roundtable on hemp oils in food and drink. [2]

The Farm Bill of 2018 legalized hemp but left gaps in understanding around how to incorporate CBD oils into foodstuffs, which are regulated by the FDA. May 31 marks the next big congregation of regulators to figure out next steps, although prospects are foggy.

Former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said that legislators in U.S. Congress need to pursue new laws to solve the problem, because otherwise the FDA’s internal process of regulating could take years and years to complete. [2]

So while CBD users and snack fans everywhere may have to wait for some time before they get their hands on those delicious CBD Oreos, there are still plenty of options on the table.

Public comments are still being taken at the FDA, so CBD enthusiasts can make their experiences known ahead of the summit. Check out Nothing But Hemp’s guide to filing your comments by following the link below. [3]


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