Hemp and cholesterol: What you need to know

Hemp and cholesterol: What you need to know

Thousands have recently taken up CBD products as part of their everyday health and wellness routines, and new research has slowly expanded the promise of such a strategy.

Research is still being done to find out just how many of hemp and CBD oil’s benefits are scientifically sound, but that hasn’t kept ordinary people from using the substance for a wide swath of their common problems. The new research into hemp oil’s effects on cholesterol was performed by scientists at the Center for Applied Health Sciences in Ohio and Missouri’s Lindenwood University.

The results of the study will be published in the forthcoming issue of the Journal of Dietary Supplements.

The CAHS and Lindenwood teams performed the six-week long study on subjects who were overweight but otherwise healthy.

According to the study, 65 test subjects were selected and participated in the research which featured double-blind comparisons of daily hemp oil and placebo doses to find the effects of the compound on high-density lipoprotein, or HDL, cholesterol levels in the body.

Here’s what the researchers report in their conclusion:

“Hemp supplementation improved HDL cholesterol, tended to support psychometric measures of perceived sleep, stress response, and perceived life pleasure and was well tolerated with no clinically relevant safety concerns.”

That’s a major turning point on this aspect of hemp science, but much more remains.

Other studies on hemp and CBD, whether clinical in nature or performed by different methods, have shown the compounds have some amount of promise for pain relief, inflammation and other problems.

Despite a lack of absolute proof of CBD’s uses in different applications, people continually attest that their lives have been improved when they use hemp oil for their chronic pain, insomnia and a host of other issues.

There’s even an FDA-approved prescription CBD oil drug for a rare form of children’s epilepsy, though that agency has criticized some hemp retailers for making outlandish claims about CBD’s benefits. These dicey claims included promises that the compound could cure cancer or COVID-19, among others.

“Overall, these findings suggest that supplementation with this hemp extract at the provided dosage in the men and women studied exhibited improvements in HDL cholesterol, tended to support psychometric measures of perceived sleep quantity and stress response, perceived life pleasure, and is well tolerated in healthy human subjects,” the researchers said, according to High Times.

Hopefully more scientific inquiry is performed into CBD and more people can learn about how promising this wonderful new substance truly is!


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