Hemp mattresses? From sustainability to relief, some argue for sleeping on green

Hemp mattresses? From sustainability to relief, some argue for sleeping on green

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Do you worry about the environment so much you could use a little more sleep?

Some experts and industry leaders think there may be a solution that addresses both issues at the same time, and may be helpful for human health as well. New concepts for hemp and CBD-based mattresses may hold serious sustainability benefits over the alternatives currently in wide-spread use.

According to MSN, industrial hemp is famous for its use in creating cannabidiol, or CBD, but the crop’s uses in textile manufacture, construction and other industries have also contributed to its popularity. [1]

Mattresses are commonly created with nylon or other non-sustainable threads and materials, and hemp alternatives could offer a greener route for the furniture industry.

“It helps us stop using fossil fuel-based carbon materials, as well as actually locking up atmospheric carbon in our product,” hemp processor John Horsfield of North Yorkshire, U.K., told MSN.

“It absorbs huge amounts of carbon as it grows, and when you use it you lock this carbon up. The best thing about the job is knowing we are actively removing carbon from the atmosphere. Hemp has the potential to be a huge tool in the fight against climate change.” [1]

Hemp’s uses don’t end there: popular mattress brand Therapedic recently announced it was considering a new line of mattresses infused with CBD. [2]

People use CBD for their insomnia, along with a number of other problems they face in their daily lives like chronic pain and anxiety.

Now, they have the option of Therapedic mattresses with CBD-infused foam, called “b-Calm,” Furniture Today reports. [2]

“It takes good materials to make good products,” Therapedic CEO Gary Borreggine told Furniture Today. “Using a quality source for the CBD oil infused in the materials was important to Therapedic, so it is being supplied by a boutique hemp farm that employs the finest ingredients. We’ve packaged the best of what is available and put it into b-Calm.” [2]

In the United Kingdom, high-end department store John Lewis is now selling a fully recyclable CBD mattress at its locations, according to the Daily Mail. [3]

“It’s foam and glue-free and made entirely from biodegradable or recyclable materials,” John Lewis’ Managing Director Simon Spinks told the Daily Mail. “In fact, it’s the world’s first circular mattress, meaning that at the end of its life, it can be deconstructed and recycled, or disassembled and made into an entirely new product.” [3]


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