How CBD affects sleep and restfulness

How CBD affects sleep and restfulness

Since the beginning of its wide-spread and ever-growing popularity within recent years, CBD has been used for a number of problems, including sleep problems.

Those who suffer from insomnia have found positive results from CBD use, though more scientific research into the topic is of course needed given the substance was only legalized last year.

Still, both the need to get to learn more of its effects and peoples’ testimonies that it has improved their lives drastically with regard to sleep and comfort are real. Where should a CBD fan begin?

According to cannabis blog Ministry of Hemp, between 50 and 70 million Americans suffer from some form of insomnia, which ranges as high as 20% of the adult population. [3]

A 2019 study in the National Institutes of Health analyzed a mix of 72 anxiety and insomnia patients, where routine use of CBD in test groups showed that 66.7% of those struggling with sleep saw their symptoms improved. [1] [4]

Healthline reports that pain relief and healthy sleep are related, which should strike us as intuitive: without harsh chronic pain, relaxing and falling into easy rest is far easier. [1]

Given that consideration, CBD’s well-known anti-inflammatory attributes seen in studies over recent years becomes a point of interest in determining just how the cannabis compound is helping people sleep.

More work is needed to parse these questions, however. The sample sizes in the 2019 study above are quite low for human health standards, and previous studies internationally have frequently been conducted with similar samples or using animal test subjects.

Part of the reason these scientific findings are in their infancy is because while scientific exceptions started some years beforehand, industrial hemp and CBD were only legalized at the end of 2018.

While colleges and government agencies have been able to study preliminary benefits and effects of CBD, that is, ordinary people who want to see those benefits have been denied access to more concrete findings that only come with years of research.

Already the market of CBD products is filled with special offerings for those who struggle with sleep problems. On the other hand, there are caffeine-laced CBD products to help users perk up after a night’s sleep.

Given how recently the market has emerged and how young the science is, as mentioned above, finding retailers and manufacturers of CBD products you can trust is a key to smart consumer practice.

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