Jacob Frey, mayor of Minneapolis, attends CBD shop opening to push marijuana legalization

Jacob Frey, mayor of Minneapolis, attends CBD shop opening to push marijuana legalization

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MINNEAPOLIS - As CBD has spread far and wide throughout the United States, Minnesota and the Twin Cities in particular have seen equal parts of the exciting new market for the hemp products.

CBD is distinct from other cannabinoids, like THC, in that it is used for a number of lifestyle benefits but doesn’t get the user high. Its use is increasing in the U.S., globally, and most recently with the approval of Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey.

In a report published Thursday, The Star Tribune showcased the recent grand opening of CBD company Stigma in Minneapolis’ North Loop neighborhood. [1]

Frey put forth at the grand opening on 3rd Avenue North not only his excitement at the new company’s endeavor but his wider support for the legalization of cannabis in the state as a whole.

Stigma was founded in 2018 by Josh Maslowski, who The Star Tribune reports began his interest in the CBD world after his mother-in-law was diagnosed with cancer. Many sufferers of cancer have found use for hemp and cannabis products for various ailments. [1]

"We got passionate about the idea of being able to help people in a world right now where stresses are up and disease is up and all that,” Maslowski told The Star Tribune. "We're looking at this as a supplement or another alternative option for people to just try to make themselves feel better.”

The excitement and promise of more CBD brands and companies in the industry are shadowed by the fact lawmakers in Minnesota at the state level voted down a measure to legalize recreational marijuana use earlier this month. [1]

Also present at Thursday’s event was CEO of Nothing But Hemp, LLC and Interim President of the Minnesota Hemp Association, Steven Brown. Brown’s new public advocacy group and successful, growing chain of CBD retail stores has formed much of the dedicated CBD presence in the Twin Cities so far.

Brown plans to carry Stigma’s products in Nothing But Hemp stores, which currently have locations in Minneapolis, Maplewood and Forest Lake.

Additionally, Brown met with Hennepin County Sheriff Dave Hutchinson and Mayor Jacob Frey at the event to discuss how they and the new Minnesota Hemp Association can work to protect and grow the fledgling industry.

As far as Stigma is concerned, Brown said he is excited to carry Maslowski’s products. “I think the hemp industry and society in general would work a lot better for everyone if we viewed things more in the lens of cooperation than of competition,” he said.

With that in mind, be sure to stop in at the new North Loop Stigma CBD shop, and pick up your favorite CBD products like Stigma at a Nothing But Hemp location near you sometime soon.


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