Walgreens joins CVS as one of the largest national retailers of CBD

Walgreens joins CVS as one of the largest national retailers of CBD

Here at Nothing But Hemp, we reported last week that CBD was coming to over 800 CVS Pharmacy locations as part of a pilot program. [1] Now, Walgreens has also announced they would enter into the cannabidiol trade.

Cannabidiol is a compound extracted from hemp, and there’s a good chance you’ve already heard of it. It’s non-psychoactive, unlike marijuana, but customers use it for a number of their ailments, like pain, insomnia and certain forms of epilepsy.

The products at Walgreens will include CBD lotions, supplements, and topical creams for joint pain and other uses. [1]

According to reporting from CNBC, Walgreens’ announcement comes just a week after their competitor announced its leap into CBD. The Walgreens move, however, will offer CBD in 1,500 store locations in 9 states compared to CVS’ 800 stores in 8 states across the U.S.

Reporting by Delish shows the medical use of CBD is legal in 46 states, but hemp-derived CBD that isn’t put into food and drink is totally legal and unregulated after the 2018 Farm Bill.

The move by two of the most widely-known and popular drugstores in North America shows that the groundwork for CBD interest laid both by the boom in products available and by early interest from celebrities like Willie Nelson or high-end brands like Neiman Marcus or Barneys has been successful. [4] [5]

As high-end and innovative CBD brands moved into the market, wider interest was stoked and now we’re living through a sort of wild west golden age in the CBD sphere. Even Coca-Cola was rumored to be picking around for a CBD deal in the fall of 2018. [6]

The key for those interested in the CBD space is that the amount of data, different types of products and variability in brand quality can cause confusion and aimlessness.

If you are new to the cannabis industry, or even if you’d like to hone your knowledge or check in with others who know their stuff, reliability is paramount. Unfortunately, this type of quality and trust can’t be found at simple drug stores where CBD is sold among a menu of other products.

At Nothing But Hemp, everyone who visits can count on expert staff with years of experience in the cannabis industry, which is invaluable in this chaotic new CBD scene.

With locations in Minneapolis, Maplewood and Forest Lake, plus a new opening on Grand Avenue in St. Paul later this month, visitors can be sure they are getting award-winning products every time.


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