LISTEN: Nothing But Hemp Founder and CEO Steven Brown interviewed by WCCO’s Brian Turner

LISTEN: Nothing But Hemp Founder and CEO Steven Brown interviewed by WCCO’s Brian Turner

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Monday marked the soft opening of Nothing But Hemp’s new Grand Avenue location, and the occasion offered Nothing But Hemp CEO Steven Brown to chat with WCCO Radio’s Brian Turner.

The conversation happened on WCCO News Talk 830 AM in the 10:00 slot, when Turner was filling in for Cory Hepola. The conversation between Turner and Steven Brown covered the new and booming CBD industry, why people seek out CBD products and how Nothing But Hemp is so effective at serving interesting hemp customers. [1]

Steven and Brian chatted about the basics of the hemp and CBD industry, explaining that CBD is the non-psychoactive compound extracted from hemp plants that so many customers use for ailments like chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety and other uses.

Then, Brian opened up about his own struggle with severe cancer and the ways legal, medical cannabis products helped him to face down the pain and discomfort caused by treatment.

With so many people finding out about hemp’s benefits, companies across the U.S. are crafting CBD edibles, drinks, and food items. Brown and Turner briefly catalogued the variety of CBD products available before zeroing in on why Nothing But Hemp chooses not to carry edible hemp products for the time being.

Regulatory uncertainty ahead of a May Food and Drug Administration meeting on hemp in food and drink means that those businesses charging ahead into providing such products do so at their own risk, and Nothing But Hemp’s approach tends to be on the more cautious side of the question.

The FDA’s language questioning the safety of CBD in food is likely overblown, but Steven Brown made a point to explain that for the sake of caution and prudence, Nothing But Hemp is sticking to offerings of CBD oils, topicals, lotions, bath bombs and other non-food products for the time being.

The conversation also turned to what lies ahead for Nothing But Hemp. The company’s licensing opportunities have started to gain interest, with one new licensee in Tampa, Florida and another in Superior, Wisconsin. Steven said during the interview that he hopes this trend will continue until Nothing But Hemp reaches national prominence.

That growth will likely also come with plenty more products. Among them could be hemp-based textile clothing, though Brown would prefer to source these from farms in Minnesota and inventories of those types of items won’t be available until after the 2019 harvest season, given how recently hemp was legalized for farmers.

Give the WCCO interview a listen with the link below, and check out the new Grand Avenue Nothing But Hemp location the next time you're looking for CBD oil in Minneapolis or St. Paul!



(The interview segment with Steven Brown can be found around the 21 minute mark.)