Minnesota’s hemp industry doesn’t show any signs of slowing down

Minnesota’s hemp industry doesn’t show any signs of slowing down

Across the United States, cannabis enthusiasts and business owners alike are rolling into the CBD trade, and Minnesotans among the most avid participants for this growing sector.

While the inertia has been mounting for months since December’s Farm Bill that legalized hemp, recent attention on 4/20 has made many realize just how much CBD has permeated into the culture of Minnesota and the U.S.

In a recent column, Star Tribune editorial writer Neal St. Anthony showcased a number of different companies and products arising within the state that have shown the foothold CBD has gained.

Stigma CBD in Minneapolis’ North Loop neighborhood features prominently into St. Anthony’s report, but Nothing But Hemp also receives a nod in the column. [1]

Josh Maslowski is the founder of Stigma CBD, and he got into the hemp business after seeing his step-mother in pain from cancer treatments. You can read more about Josh and the grand opening of Stigma officiated by Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey by following the link below. [3]

“The biggest risk is regulation … between the FDA and the state and making sure this thing isn’t overregulated,” Maslowski told the Star Tribune. “That would limit what we can sell.” [1]

St. Anthony also points out in his article the connection between the surge in CBD products and businesses and the Minnesota medical marijuana program. The state only offers two state-approved vendors of medical marijuana products in a system that follows strict prescription rules. [1]

The Pioneer Press reported last month that the current medical marijuana program is simply leaving too many behind from the benefits of cannabis, especially in a country where more and more states every election season adopt legal recreational marijuana regimes. [4]

According to that report, 3,400 Minnesotans fell off the registry for medical marijuana, presumably in favor of getting black market marijuana cheaper and faster than by prescription, or to try out CBD. [4]

These developments within the state come along with a broader national current of similar changes. Market Watch reported this week that hemp companies in the U.S. are accumulating capital at 10 times the rate they expanded last year. [2]

That report on the market’s promising spread attributed the phenomenon to the high amount of intrigue roused by the non-psychoactive hemp product across age groups, but especially for baby boomers who are aging into the types of health concerns so many turn to CBD to remedy. [2]

For more information on the benefits of incorporating CBD products into your daily life, stop in and have a conversation with the team at one of the Nothing But Hemp locations. We offer CBD oil in Minneapolis and the metro area, and we're passionate about sharing our knowledge!


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