More People are Ditching Pharmaceuticals for CBD Oil

More People are Ditching Pharmaceuticals for CBD Oil

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The exciting news is that an increasing number of people are learning about the miraculous benefits and healing properties of CBD (Cannabidiol) oil. - And many are now successfully using it for numerous common conditions such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, and joint pain. Some of these people are even saying “adious for good” to pharmaceutical drugs - which frequently have unwelcome side effects. 

Also, negating side effects is not the only benefit: as reported by the National Institutes for Health: “...recent monitoring studies have detected low levels of a wide range of pharmaceuticals ... in soils, surface waters and groundwaters” [1], so for those of you who care about animals and the environment - going rogue with CBD will help the planet.

In a 2017 research study involving 2,400 people: “52 percent agreed that CBD is more effective, or much more effective than pharmaceutical drugs” [1]

The results of the HelloMD & Brightfield Group's research study, which is the largest to date on the subject, indicated that the most widespread use for CBD (which is extracted from the beautiful cannabis plants, marijuana and hemp), is for the above mentioned common conditions [2]. So this begs the questions: Including yourself, how many people do you know that suffer from at least one of these conditions? And from these, how many seemed to be hooked on pharmaceuticals indefinitely? 

And when you consider your answers, you may be asking why CBD, the holistic alternative which also helps general well-being, is not being promoted by the medical profession? The answer is that “Big Pharma” rule with an iron fist, and this keeps their mega billion dollar empire virtually unbreakable. But things are changing... 

Taking an Up Close and Personal Interest in Our Own Health

Now, people of all ages, are starting to take a more hands-on approach to their health, thanks to reputable, informative internet sites. And the amazing non-toxic CBD cure from nature is on course to become a household name - bringing sunshine, fun, happiness and health back into the lives of countless people. The study discussed above, also shows that a whopping 42% of CBD users shunned conventional medications and now opt for cannabis. Moreover, 80% of consumers determined that this precious oil can be extremely, or very effective for treatment. And the overall favorite of those buying CBD-only products, is the oil derived from marijuana. [2]. (Note: CBD does not generate the psychoactive responses that patients get with the cannabinoid THC).

The Winds of Change

“With polls showing that 64% of Americans support making marijuana use legal and around 90% support for allowing medical marijuana, lawmakers are increasingly realizing the public supports marijuana policy reforms” [3]. There may be a few hurdles along the way – but people power and positive scientific research are two forces that can leapfrog even the highest ones.


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