New companies, studies hope to rein in relaxation with CBD for horses

New companies, studies hope to rein in relaxation with CBD for horses

You can lead a horse to water, as the saying goes, but horse owners and livestock experts have recently shown interest in feeding them with hemp and CBD.

Plenty of pet owners are already keen on the benefits of CBD for their dogs, cats and other household companions, but recent developments show the same attention is being turned to the stables as well.

According to Marijuana Moment, professor Kimberly Guay at Tartleton State University in Texas hoped to find out CBD’s applications for relieving horse stress in a study which will be published by the end of the year. [1]

“I still can’t say one way or the other, but I know there’s no adverse effects, apparently,” Guay said. She said this was despite “a significant dose, and there was no obvious adverse reactions from it.” [1]

In the meantime, Business Insider and Benzinga report that pet CBD company Hempvet revealed this week that its first ever products for horses would soon become available. [2] [3]

“Each of its new products is designed to address a specific issue, including anxiety, digestive disorders, hip and joint pain, inflammation, and immune deficiencies through the use of organic hemp,” Business Insider reports. [3]

Unlike cats and other more sedentary pets, horses have high impact jobs and sports lives, making them much closer to the types of human athletes that have testified so forcefully for the benefits of CBD.

People use CBD for their joint pain, chronic pain, arthritis and anxiety. For hard-trails or race environments, these can be desirable aids to horse health.

Marijuana Moment reports that obsessive compulsive and anxiety-based behaviors are common among horses and are one of the targets of the new research into hemp solutions for equine health. [1]

“If there’s some version of the byproduct of the plant in hemp that could be utilized or incorporated into feed or whatever could help minimize stress for livestock animals, that would be a huge benefit,” Guay told Marijuana Moment. [1]