New projections show bright future for CBD markets

New projections show bright future for CBD markets

According to reporting from Bloomberg, Cowen & Co. recently reported in their new analysis that the booming CBD industry may reach the value of $16 billion by the year 2025. [1]

The analysis by Cowen was described as a ‘conservative’ estimate based on the result of their survey of 2,500 people, among whom 6.9 percent reported that they used CBD oils and products as supplements.

New reports on the potential growth of the CBD industry are especially promising given the recent, limited enforcement of localized bans and restrictions on CBD in food and drink in places like New York City, Ohio and Maine.

Luckily, these projections seem to hint that CBD is here to stay, especially among young people who use the products for anxiety, pain relief and forms of epilepsy, among others.

Cowen’s analysis found 18-to-34-year-olds were the heaviest users of CBD products, with CBD oil liquid extracts making up 44 percent of that use. Topical ointments and creams, capsules and beverages make up the next most popular CBD products, according to Bloomberg. [1]

The total population the report from Cowen expected might move into CBD was 10 percent higher than the 7 percent currently using CBD, which means there could potentially be as many as 25 million CBD consumers by 2025.

Cowen & Co. isn’t the only market research firm with good tidings for the CBD industry. Earlier in February, QY Research produced a report which said the U.S. market for CBD may grow as much as $1.1 billion by 2025. [2]

The report on Globe News Wire which announced this QY Research projection attributed those possible market expansions to the wide-ranging properties of the CBD market.

Because there are market opportunities in the growth of hemp itself, CBD extraction and end-product creation, these economic projections seem to make sense.

What gives these researchers such a high expectation of the industry is the variety of end-products CBD can create.

Companies have the option to join the brands who specialize in bringing specific, niche products to market like those producing CBD dog treats or CBD bath bombs, or move in to spaces where they take on the more common, straightforward tincture oils in the best and most cutting-edge manner possible.

Whichever method companies choose, they’re bound to find some way to be useful and distinguish themselves in this new and budding market, which only makes things more promising.

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