REVIEW: Funky Farms Alaskan Ice CBD Tincture

REVIEW: Funky Farms Alaskan Ice CBD Tincture

For roughly the last six weeks, I’ve been taking 2-3 doses of the Funky Farms CBD Tincture in Alaskan Ice flavor.

Now that I’m almost through the 250 MG bottle, I figured I’d bring you all my review.

Each morning and afternoon, I placed a single dropper from the fun, lively-packaged Funky Farms tincture under my tongue and went about my day.

It is well known that CBD is non-psychoactive and doesn’t get the user high like THC does, but even with this knowledge, I was at first confused by feeling nothing when I took the Funky Farms Alaskan Ice.

This is because I was ignoring the cumulative effects of CBD use. CBD oils accumulate over repeat use and have increasingly powerful effects on users’ Endocannabinoid Systems, or ECS. [1]

After roughly one week of taking the regular doses of this CBD oil, I started to see some of its effects working.

While I often have trouble sleeping, specifically getting to sleep, I started to find this getting slightly easier over the weeks as I continued dosing with this CBD oil.

Feeling more rested over my days allowed me to be more productive in the past month, and I found myself achieving much more reading and writing and other activities throughout the day with my newfound energies.

Still, aspects of this tincture seemed lacking to me. For instance, once or twice I reached for the Funky Farms CBD oil to help ease a hangover – CBD users often turn to it for slight pain relief and inflammation – but found myself adding on an Advil after a while.

This may be because Funky Farms’ CBD oil doesn’t have any THC at all. This isn’t the most prevalent approach for CBD manufacturers, in fact many use trace amounts of THC ranging to as high as 0.3 percent, which can help potency.

The chemical makeup and manufacturing process may explain why the Funky Farms didn’t serve my every need, but it is also important to consider each person’s individual needs.

Studies have shown CBD has preliminary promise as a treatment for epilepsy, anxiety, and even memory loss and dementia. [2]

Still, for a young guy in his twenties who doesn’t suffer from anxiety, a lot of these acute benefits didn’t really land just given my demographic and health profile.

That’s the wonderful and important thing to remember about CBD. While it has positive effects for just about everyone by regulating their ECS, every human body responds differently to CBD.

Still, the upsides in terms of restfulness and energy were and are important boons to my-day-to-day living.

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