Nothing But Hemp continues innovating in the CBD industry with new franchise opportunities

Nothing But Hemp continues innovating in the CBD industry with new franchise opportunities

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MINNEAPOLIS – Nothing But Hemp LLC, on the heels of months of rapid and exciting growth around the Twin Cities Metro area, to expand to a wider swath of the American CBD market with new franchise opportunities across the country.

In the first three months of operations, Nothing But Hemp proved a standout in the Minnesotan CBD market, opening three locations in Minneapolis, Maplewood and Forest Lake, plus licensing their exclusive Flawless CBD brand to a location in Superior, WI.

With this momentum, Nothing But Hemp CEO Steven Brown wants to push on into new and exciting territory. Brown himself previously owned a marketing company for seven years before starting Nothing But Hemp helping dispensaries get a name for themselves and has a vast knowledge of growing profitable retail locations.

Currently, the focus of Nothing But Hemp’s franchise efforts is to open CBD stores in parts of the U.S. where they can bring their competitive edge at its full potential. Right now, this means states like Wisconsin, Illinois, North Dakota, Texas, Florida and any other state where legal recreational marijuana hasn’t already tipped the scales of the CBD market.

Nothing But Hemp locations are beautiful, minimalistic spaces inspired by the dispensaries of the West Coast, where interested and curious customers can join with skilled CBD providers to learn about the benefits of CBD, and which products are right for them.

So far, each Nothing But Hemp location is was cash flow positive in the first month. Margins are even wider for sellers at Nothing But Hemp because of how closely company management has built relationships with hemp cultivators, including for exclusive partnerships.

Products offered at Nothing But Hemp are award-winning, industry-leading and verified for safety and contents by certified third-party laboratories.

New or return business-owners can feel confident in their investment and partnership with Nothing But Hemp. CEO Steven Brown, and Vice President of Retail Eva Droz both bring remarkable retail sales, marketing and cannabis industry expertise to bear in their ability to support new franchises. The COO Jenkins will help train franchises and make sure they are at ease.

Brown has described the franchise model as “a business in a box,” where new franchise holders can trust the backup of Nothing But Hemp’s leadership.

The CBD industry is in a unique position to rely on more traditional marketing techniques, like public relations, organic SEO and advertising writing. This is because social media companies do not allow you to pay for advertising. Nothing But Hemp understands how to cost effectively purchase advertising, write content, rank online and get you noticed. This means the franchise owners can rely on cost-effect, direct writing and news coverage to break into new locations.

In only three months since Nothing But Hemp opened its doors, it has been featured in more than 15 local, national and regional newspaper articles. That attention and media savvy is something new partners can expect from Nothing But Hemp.

Franchisees can also expect simplicity from their investment. Inventory and product lines are all centralized on an accessible, easy-to-navigate internal database. Internal newsletters will keep the locations in the loop, and all these attributes will lead to smooth-flowing and competitive business.

Nothing But Hemp will help design the new location and keep it cost effective for the new franchisee.

Those interested in starting new franchises with Nothing But Hemp are encouraged to reach out for an estimate. Cost of build out will range from $10,000-70,000 depending on the build out, inventory and location. Investment of franchise is an initial $7500 franchise fee for the first 10 franchisees


Royalty to the Nothing But Hemp franchise is only 6 percent gross. Half of the royalty fees pay for advertising and marketing efforts, while the rest goes to Nothing But Hemp’s central operations.

If you are interested please contact Nothing But Hemp.