Nothing But Hemp rolls out new plans for Las Vegas headquarters and distribution center

Nothing But Hemp rolls out new plans for Las Vegas headquarters and distribution center

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The hemp industry is in bloom across the U.S. for the first time in decades after the legalization of the crop in 2018, but the states haven’t been on the same page since.

After the federal legalization of the cannabis product went through, states one by one have taken up their own formulas for the regulation of CBD oil, with some adopting more draconian measures than others. Now, Nothing But Hemp is opening new locations in Nevada, one of the most hemp friendly states.

The home of many Nothing But Hemp locations, Minnesota, is unfortunately tough when it comes to new rules on CBD and its new proposed laws are pushing the company to change its approach to business there.

Still, these developments are good news for Nevada.

Nothing But Hemp CEO Steven Brown recently announced that the company will soon open its new headquarters and distribution center in Las Vegas. The center being located in Nevada will mean more variety in the products customers will be able to purchase online, more options for Nothing But Hemp affiliates, and better user experiences overall.

Minnesota’s legislature passed extensive new rules during this spring session that would require CBD vendors and manufacturers within the state to meet labeling and testing requirements that are often far higher than what many of the third-party labs and respected industry groups can offer in Minnesota.

The legislation was written without soliciting input from many across the new Minnesota Hemp industry, and is sure to hurt local farmers, manufactures and retailers of cannabis within the state. The mandates could also cartelize the CBD trade and reduce competition necessary to ensure the industry is helping as many people as possible while ensuring growth and safety through market mechanisms.

Although the Nothing But Hemp team cherishes and still relies heavily on its original brick-and-mortar stores in the Twin Cities and elsewhere in Minnesota, after January 1, 2020 the brands and products served there will be slightly limited by the new laws.

The new Las Vegas headquarters, then, will allow Nothing But Hemp to operate and administer its rapidly growing list of corporate stores & affiliates across the continent.

Though Nothing But Hemp started with a few locations in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Forest Lake and Maplewood, it has since expanded to include far more locations across the U.S., including Florida, Mississippi and North Dakota among new and prospective areas of operations.

Each of these states and those that haven’t yet found the wonderful benefits of the Nothing But Hemp system of licensure and hemp entrepreneurship have different CBD and hemp legislation, and Nevada offers perhaps the most promising base of operations for navigating the complex system of legislation and compliance.

Those interested in Nothing But Hemp licensee status, which offers management assistance and attractive startup benefits, should find comfort in the fact that the new Nothing But Hemp HQ will conquer these complexities on their behalf.

To learn more about the Nothing But Hemp licensing program, which offers management, education and marketing assistance for those looking to jump into the cannabis trade, check out the link below. [1]