Cross Fit and Nothing But Hemp collide at E3 Functional Fitness

Cross Fit and Nothing But Hemp collide at E3 Functional Fitness

In 2007, Casey Schmidt tried cross-fit for the first time ever. He threw up. He knew he needed more.

Schmidt has since been self-employed training people in cross-fit for over a decade, and most recently he opened E3 Functional Fitness in Valrico, Florida. Now, he’s bringing his members a new level of wellness to combine with their workouts in the form of CBD by Nothing But Hemp partner Oregon’s Siskiyou Sungrown.

Schmidt started his E3 Functional Fitness three years ago. He turned to CBD products when he wanted to step up the health and wellness services for his gym’s members across the board and realized the promise of cannabis promise.

Particularly, Casey turned to Nothing But Hemp expertise, and loved the recommendation of Siskiyou Sungrown, a farm-to-table CBD company based out of their family-owned farm in Oregon.

With their full-spectrum CBD hemp products, Siskiyou Sungrown offers additive-free, award-winning products that include oil extract tinctures, balms and lotions.

Between sets of intensive high activity workouts, cross-fit enthusiasts can seek CBD for help with joint pain, insomnia if they are too wired after a workout, and loads of other everyday problems the normal people who participate in cross-fit face.

Schmidt's gym was even featured in a Netflix documentary called Functional Fitness.

Casey recently recorded a podcast about his choice to get into CBD with his friend, Steven Brown, the CEO of Nothing But Hemp who he has known for 15 years. Check it out with the link below. [1]

Once he heard about the benefits of hemp years ago, he started to be convinced more and more by its efficacy for those who he sees at his gym every day.

“I always viewed cannabis as nature’s medicine,” Casey said. “To me it always made sense to seek out help with something natural like the cannabis plant instead of opting for harmful and addictive drugs and other things like that.”

Siskiyou Sungrown especially has set itself apart as the ultimate CBD product that Nothing But Hemp visitors can rely on for their hemp relief in their daily life.

Casey said that the goal of his offering CBD at the gym is to continue offering more hemp options if all goes well and eventually open a completely separate brick-and-mortar Nothing But Hemp licensee location in Valrico.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a Nothing But Hemp licensee, click the link below to learn about the management, financial and marketing support you can find as a member of the Nothing But Hemp entrepreneurship team. [2]